MyVoice: Views of our readers 2nd June 2024

MyVoice: Views of our readers 17th July 2024

MyVoice: Views of our readers 17th July 2024


The GDP for the financial year 2023-24 is pegged at 8.2%, an extraordinary achievement globally for India as the stock market is galloping a speed never before, and foreign exchange reserves are vibrantly bright.

Fond hopes on Modi 3.0

Ref: 'Hopes run high on Modi 3.0' (Bold talk – V Ramu Sarma, June 01 2024. Hopes definitely are running high for the return of the BJP for the third term in the country. Interestingly, the satta bazar circles have come out unerringly predicting a thumping win for the BJP, albeit the numbers vary, projecting to form the next government at the Centre. This is inevitable for the country considering the projects and policies that are in the pipeline which will take shape in the next five years or more as the nation is unerringly on a path of progress and development, based on the solid performance by the BJP led NDA government during the past decade. The GDP for the financial year 2023-24 is pegged at 8.2%, an extraordinary achievement globally for India as the stock market is galloping a speed never before, and foreign exchange reserves are vibrantly bright. As for Mod’s guarantees, they are being delivered unerringly, unlike the off the cuff promises being made by the Congress at the cost of the taxpayer like farm loan waiver and unwarranted deposits into people’s account that is deliberately aimed at weakening the country’s economic and financial backbone.

– K V Raghuram, Wayanad


Writer V Ramu Sarma's optimism about Modi 3.0 government formation is what many Indians look forward to with fond hope after the results, yet it is important that his incisive analysis that excessive centralisation will neither yield a capable second rung leadership nor help 'Ache Din' to come easily is absolutely correct. In other words, it will be the greatest challenge of the new government to meet the hopes of the young and aspirational.

In fact, the elected government must first forget all the bitterness that filled the air during the two month intense campaign, and sit down to work out in full faith to fulfil the promises/guarantees dished out in their manifestos on priority in order to send a strong and positive message. It is also vital that if Modi returns to power, opposition expressing scepticism over any statement by Modi and questioning whether it has come from the bottom of his heart or not is baseless because the statement is a powerful affirmation by the Prime Minister of the trust reposed by Indian electorate in him.

Since the grand Ram Temple in Ayodhya is thrown open to all is an achievement by any yardstick, the new government elected for next five years cannot sit and relax because it faces more challenges as it enters a crucial juncture to work harder in order to fulfil and deliver guarantees as promised to bring smile on the face of the common man reeling under unemployment and inflation. Moreover, the new government needs to build consensus on all issues as ordinance route may only see the repeat of 1992 situation leading to widespread disturbance of peace and harmony.

– K R Srinivasan, Secunderabad


The negative and obscurantist policies played out by the Congressand others for the past ten years are before the people, who showed no hesitation in choosing the BJP for the third time to govern and deliver that in itself is an extraordinary image builder in terms of the trust reposed by the people. The past ten years have been a period of solid and unquestionable performance and deliverance by the BJP led NDA as most of the aspiration that people have been longing so long have been fulfilled – be it abrogation of Article 370 in Kashmir; construction of high class road connectivity to places bordering China to face any eventuality, coupled with night time landing of transport planes; building of the new Central Vista; National War Memorial for the country; railway and highway developments, coupled with new high speed trains connecting countless cities in the country; defence procurement, with an aim to make them in India, with private partnership in the production of defence equipments etc, the list is so long that for the INDI Alliance these appear to be an exaggeration in performance.

There is lack of leadership in Congress as sane voices are deliberately sidelined, ignored and jettisoned, projecting Rahul Gandhi as the potential PM candidate for the nation, although for a rotational term of one year as there are other contenders for the post like Akhilesh Yadav, Mamata Banerjee, Uddhav Thackeray and Kejriwal.

– S Lakshmi, Hyderabad


I refer to the article on "What will PM meditate on" (May, 31). PM will likely to meditate on Sub ka saath sub ka Vikas. Modi is likely to continue his innings as PM for the third consecutive term as per ground realities. He has already drawn up a road map for implementation in the first hundred days in office. Modi will meditate on his failures too. Economy, Jobs, price rise, UCC, one nation one election, infusion of young blood in the party et all. Winning a considerable amount of seats in the South is paramount for the party now. On the other hand, the Congress will have to meditate more on its plus and minuses. Since the Congress party is on the losing track, they will have to go in for a highly sensitive introspection or a revamp of the party. Will the Gandhis step-down forever, if they lose badly, or will they be thrown out by the dissidents? It is to be seen after June 4 results are made known. Or is it an election for Congress Mukth Bharath?

Sravana Ramachandran, Chennai

The Land of Gandhi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has the unfortunate knack of making factually incorrect statements. His statement that the world did not know of Mahatma Gandhi till the film Gandhi was a historical inexactitude. Mahatma Gandhi was inarguably the best known leader across the world with his unmatched global appeal. A figure of immense moral authority and a prophet-like figure, Mahatma Gandhi was looked up to by people cutting across continents. He was one of the most influential figures on the world stage and he was held in great esteem by all-time greats like Rabindranath Tagore, Leo Tolstoy, Albert Einstein and Bertrand Russell.

Mahatma Gandhi was and is internationally famous as a proponent of non-violence. International support for him bordered on idolatry. Even before Richard Attenborough made the widely acclaimed “Gandhi” - of course the eponymous movie showed fidelity to Mahatma Gandhi’s life and work - the Gandhian thought was a subject of study in very many prestigious foreign universities. Narendra Modi accused the Congress of doing little to spread the fame of Mahatma Gandhi worldwide. But then Mahatma Gandhi attained immortality by his life and work and he needed or needs no political party or government to promote his name.

Whether Sangh parivar likes it or not, India is known to the outside world as ‘the land of Gandhi’. No conversation with a foreigner will be complete without referring to Mahatma Gandhi and his greatness. Modi should show the courage to openly admit that the toxic ideology to which Hindu revivalists like him subscribe claimed the life of the Father of the Nation. Didn’t he ‘replace’ Mahatma Gandhi in Khadi Udyog’s calendar and diary? Can he, like Mahatma Gandhi, say, with his hand on heart, ‘My life is my message’?

– G David Milton, Maruthancode, TN

Plans OK, but what about green action?

It is essential to focus on implementation when it comes to environmental protection. The rising temperatures and increasing heat waves are becoming more common, posing a significant challenge. While there are numerous discussions about controlling these conditions for the sake of environmental protection, it is crucial to emphasize implementation at the individual level. Many discussions about the importance of environmental protection have not translated into the desired actions, often due to concerns about economic expenses and the use of specific instruments. Incorporating environmental protection into Indian culture and encouraging every person to contribute according to their capacity and interest can make a significant difference.

Engaging in clean and green activities is vital, as it encompasses access to safe drinking water, sanitation services, cleaner air, water, and oceans, as well as the sustainable management and conservation of natural resources. Clean and green initiatives go beyond simply removing garbage or planting trees; they are about promoting health, climate action, water conservation, and overall well-being. Individuals can contribute to environmental protection by adopting the "Refuse, Reduce, and Reuse" mantra, optimizing water usage, reusing grey water, maintaining clean surroundings, composting biodegradable waste, and avoiding water pollution.

Additionally, the use of renewable energy resources and advocating for environmental protection can make a substantial impact. People must adjust their lifestyles to prioritize safety and sustainability. Government authorities should play a pivotal role in promoting environmental activities and ensuring greater public participation.

Implementing clean and green initiatives in all government places can serve as an example and encourage people to follow suit. Moreover, government functionaries should focus on assisting the public and making environmental protection activities implementation-friendly, ultimately turning it into a widespread people's movement.

– A Shyam Kumar, Hanumakonda

17th Lok Sabha did not inspire much

The 18th Lok Sabha of Independent India is going to be formed in a few days. The 17th Lok Sabha carried some dubious credentials. Of the total members 233 members (43%) carry criminal charges against them. Of this 29% of them are facing serious charges like rape, murder and attempt to murder. Criminal track record is slowly gaining importance to get qualified to be nominated as a candidate. Of the total number 475 members have declared to have assets more than Rs 1 crore. The swelling number of multi-millionaires in the house is making this law-making body into a Billionaires’ club that has nothing to do with the desires and demands of the common man. The house has only 78 women MPs. This body with just 14% of the total strength enacted a Bill to provide 33% reservation for women after completing population census process. It is a revolutionary step forward in recognising the importance of women’s participation in making law for the country.

The average annual sittings were reduced to just the lowest ever 55. Was it so low because of the reduced need for making laws or the members were so busy in their fields hardly finding time to have a Parliament session?

Only 6 members had 100% attendance. None of the sessions could record more than 80% attendance. 30% Bills had discussion for more than 3 hours, 22% Bills had discussion for 2-3 hours discussion, 13% Bills had discussion for 1-2hours and the most interesting point is 35% Bills were passed after less than 1 hour discussion. This speaks volumes of the importance of the house discussing in detail before making a law.

The gross lapses in the Parliament’s security came to light when a few intruders could create a threatening scene inside the house. The intruders had a detailed plan to enact the scene as claimed by the Delhi police. But the MP from the ruling party who had given a letter for their entry is not punished at all. Just for having insisted on discussion 146 Members have been suspended making a history and displaying our democratic tradition to the world.

–A G Rajmohan, Anantapur

Communal overtonesin 2024 poll rhetoric

As the election campaign comes to an end, I would consider it one of the worst election campaigns in the history of parliament elections in India that too led by none other than PM Modi who has declared himself as de facto God of our nation.

I wonder why the PM and his colleagues should have used hateful, communal language against a particular community. From the beginning PM continued to go ballistic with tone and tenor. In one stroke PM went on to call Muslims as infiltrators (ghuspetias) with large families and went on to claim Congress would snatch the sacred "Mangalsutra" and pass them on to Muslims. As expected Lord Ram was widely used with slogans "Jo Ramko Laye Hain, Hum Unko Layangey" (one who brought Ram would be brought back). In our own city (Hyderabad), the first time a BJP candidate had little idea on what she was saying. She did everything else except to talk development in Hyderabad. Her gestures and actions in the road show were highly communal to target the community.

The PM did not even spare Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik whose party always supported the government on important issues and bills. Both PM and Home Minister went on to call his close aid from Tamil Nadu as an outsider without realising that PM himself is an outsider. If such bogey starts in UP, the PM will have no option to go back to his home state.

There are reports this time around PM Modi has broken his own record on number of meetings and road shows, but the level of campaign has gone down over the last ten years. In 2014, PM began with development and fight against corruption, 2019 Martyrs were used and now Ram, Muslims etc. There is little doubt BJP would lose this time and even if some votes are lost, auch loss would be compensated by communal and religious narrative spread among the voters and supplemented by weak and directionless opposition alliance.

N Nagarajan, Secunderabad


All these days former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was silent when PM Narendra Modi targeted Manmohan Singh that he had said that Muslims had first right on wealth. Weeks after PM Narendra Modi levelled a false accusation on the former PM, Manmohan Singh in the final phase clarified that he never singled out one community. But very belatedly the former PM responded as Modi had done his level best to polarise the voters with his false statements. Whereas former PM Manmohan Singh rightly brought the grim picture of present economy. He rightly said that no PM uttered such hateful, unparliamentary and coarse terms meant to target either a specific section of society. Singly was late to respond, but he has rightly given a scathing reply to PM Modi.

– Zakir Hussain, Kazipet


This time it looks that for NDA it’s not going to be a cakewalk and INDIA alliance has slowly picked up after 2 phases of elections. The INDIA alliance was speaking about price rise and unemployment and assuring the voters what they would do if they come to power. On the other Hand, the NDA was creating one kind of fear among the voters that if they vote for the India alliance, they would loot your earnings and would distribute it to the minorities. They would destroy the Rama Mandir from Ayodhya with bulldozers. The PM further said these people the Opposition will snatch away ladies' mangalsutram and will give to minorities and it is quite ridiculous by the Prime Minister. We have seen earlier Prime Ministers. They never indulge in such a provocative statement.

Modi Ji says Congress and its alliance are urban Naxalits. The common man cannot understand why the honourable PM is criticising the opposition. If they come to power every year, you will find one prime minister. I just wanted to remind you that earlier UPA 1 and 2 government’s run by the opposition in full two terms (The UPA subsequently governed India from 2004 until 2014 for 2 terms before losing power to their main rivals, the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance). And even during Narsimha Rao period also, they were in full one term. In fact, all the UPA governments were quite successful and did their best during their regime.

The Prime Minister is the ICON of our democracy and he is the head of the Nation and he should protect the interest of the people. He should not be biased and secular. We need to respect the other parties and should be constructive in criticism of their policies. These parliamentary elections campaigning lacked dignity and the Prime Minister should feel that the entire population is his Parivar.

– Kanagriri SN Prasad, Hyderabad


All the seven phases of Lok Sabha Elections 2024 are now completed showed that it was a waveless elections. However, Modi 3.0 now looks a certainty.

Elections this time were marked by low voter turnout, voter apathy and very low percentage of voting by first-time voters in the age group of 18-20. The unbearable heat wave conditions made campaigning difficult. A historic Women's Reservation Bill was passed in the Parliament in 2023, but still the number of women candidates was very low. Elections 2024 revolved around the narrative "Ab Ki Baar 400 Paar" and all other issues were put on the back burner.

The Opposition lost a good opportunity to project its policies and all the infighting and differences among its members will definitely lead to a split in their votes. The Congress party has played into the dynastic politics of the Gandhi Family and failed to look beyond the Nehru-Gandhi clan to fight the elections. Rahul Gandhi's efforts will definitely improve the Congress part's tally in the Lok Sabha, but yet it may not be enough to defeat PM Modi.

The poll battle was lost in unnecessary rhetoric from both the ruling party and the Opposition. The Model Code Of Conduct was given least adherence.

But, the higher number of women voters this time shows that more women want to be a part of decision making process, which is good for our country and secondly polls were held in J&K smoothly and it saw a voter turnout of 58%, which can be said as satisfactory. This is a good indication of the people of J&K showing faith in democracy.

– Parimala G Tadas, Hyderabad

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