MyVoice: Views of our readers 29th May 2023

MyVoice: Views of our readers 29th May 2023

Views of our readers

Momentous occasion for the nation

In the solemn and momentous inauguration of the new parliament building equipped with state-of-the-art technology, Surah Rahman of the Glorious Qur’an was recited with the melodious voice. “Rahman” is the name of God which means most gracious. In this Surah, God lists blessing after blessing and sign after sign, enumerating various means through which his mercy has manifested upon humanity with the recurring statement, “So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?”.

Muzakkir Khan, Mumbai

During the major event of inauguration of modern Parliament building, although PM Modi accorded top priority to his personal religion during worship, it was followed by multi-faith prayers of various religious heads and thereby silenced the voice of disagreement or opposition of so-called pseudo-secularists in this regard.

B V K Thampi, Thiruvananthapuram

No doubt, it is a very remarkable and admirable occasion for the nation. Normally, whenever a new house is constructed, there will be a big function with all near & dear, at the time of house warming. In the same sense, the function of inauguration of new Parliament building is a very proud event for the nation. Every Indian should feel a part, irrespective of the political feelings.

TV Nageswara Rao, Visakhapatnam

It is sad that the new parliament has finally been inaugurated by the Prime Minister amid needless politics and controversy without the presence of opposition parties. While claiming that the PM has corrected history by bringing the Sengol (a symbol of justice, honesty and good governance) and at the same time maintained the status quo by following a bad precedent set by Congress ignoring the Constitutional head. The PM has lost the opportunity to make history by calling a joint session of parliament in the new building addressed by the President. Vice President, PM, Lok Sabha Speaker, followed by leaders of opposition to showcase the united India to the world. One hopes Sengol will not become an symbol of authoritarianism to control dissent inside and outside the parliament

N Nagarajan, Hyderabad

After having decided to boycott the inaugural event of the new parliament building on the plea that President should have been invited to inaugurate it, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar questioning the need for a new parliament is not justifiable by any yardstick. He must understand that the inaugural event of parliament is a unifying moment meant to assert our collective sovereignty and independence by moving our democratic soul from a British-built building to a made-in-India masterpiece. In fact, by boycotting such an historic occasion in a bid to score a political point, he looks diminished exposed his narrow mindset.

K R Srinivasan, Secunderabad

Opposition parties based their decision on two reasons: (1) the Prime Minister usurping the honor to inaugurate the new complex from the President, who heads the Executive, and (2) decision to inaugurate the new complex on the birth anniversary of VD Savarkar, the Hindutva ideologue. More than these, it is the grouse the opposition nurses against the centre of being reluctant to discuss important issues which merit Parliamentary deliberations. A distinct sense of ‘not belonging’ has dawned on the opposition.

Dr George Jacob, Kochi

The true measure of India’s progress lies in the effectiveness of its parliamentary deliberations, implementation of policies and tangible improvements in the lives of its citizens. India’s lawmakers must prioritise the pressing needs of the country, channeling their efforts towards addressing critical issues by embracing transparency, ethical practices and a commitment to good governance. India can position itself as a global exemplar of parliamentary efficiency and effectiveness. the importance of a productive Parliament cannot be overstated — it is the key to unlocking India’s true potential and securing a prosperous future for all its citizens.

Bishal Kumar Saha, Murshidabad

Indian democracy descends to Modocracy

This has reference to the wonderful and very Bold Talk “There should be a limit to politics” (May 27) which precisely and accurately denoted how today’s lawmakers are twisting their roles to suit the ever changing dramas only for their own prosperity unmindful of what for they are getting elected. It is undoubtedly and unquestionably not a congruous attitude of about 20 opposition parties to boycott at the inaugural session of central vista (new Parliament building). Already much water has flowed under the bridge on this topic. But, one point requires to be projected. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not maintaining contiguous and cordial relations with his opponents. It is not an undeniable reality that many intellectuals opine that Modi’s regime is one man’s rule and our present democracy is discerned as Modocracy.

Dr NSR Murthy, Secunderabad

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