MyVoice: Views of our readers 29th April 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 10th May 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 10th May 2021


In India we have 425 State Universities, 125 Deemed to be Universities, 54 Central Universities and 375 Private Universities. In Spite of 979 universities India is in the bottom of the list in filing Patents.

Invest in R&D before it's too late

In India we have 425 State Universities, 125 Deemed to be Universities, 54 Central Universities and 375 Private Universities. In Spite of 979 universities India is in the bottom of the list in filing Patents. One could easily identify the proximity between patents and economic development. Today America became the richest nation because of scientific research and development. Patents Will create wealth. The same is the story of developed nations in Europe and Japan. Japan was destroyed in the Second World War. But it raised like phoenix and became the Second Largest Economy and in the 1960's it's economy was called 'Miracle Economy'.

When independent India started its journey, China was worse than India. Today China has filed more number of patents than the United States. All this is happening because of govt. investment in R&D. In US corporate giants also investing billions every year for inventions and discoveries, thereby earning Patents and contributing for the GDP of their nation. India could not file Patents even 10 per cent of China. The only reason is Higher Education is highly neglected in India. For the last 20-25 years the govt. universities all over India are in shambles.

Shortage of faculty, lack of proper facilities for research, our equipment in most of the labs are of 1970s and 80s. Even faculty is engaged on a contract basis for 10 months a year, hardly any environment for world class research and filing of patents by universities is almost negligible. This year UGC has recognised 15 State universities as Universities of Eminence. What about the rest? Needs no explanation.

There are many young Indians who are doing research on EU Scholarships and filing and acquiring patents. Today there is murmur about vaccine and patents. The GOI should take up this challenge and concentrate more on higher education and research. This is high time that India should invest more and more in Research and Development, so India will become a truly a wealthy developed nation. Of course, 'Vishwa Guru" also.

Dr S Surya Prakash, Visakhapatnam

Costly mistake

We, who boasted to the world that we conquered corona virus are at the mercy of the countries whom we helped in the past for costly surgeries. What can be the reason? We took things for granted and went into hibernation. When we woke up from the slumber the assault is complete and our bite is gone, leaving us to meekly surrender just like a big snake does before a mongoose. Let us stop the blame game and wake up to the reality.

D S P Rao, Kakinada

Inhuman existence

The daily reports in all newspapers on Covid-19 is frightening us. Probably the human species has lost its humanity. The relatives of Covid-19 death, faces a herculean task to dispose the corpse. They feel sorry for not giving a normal send-off. The hurdle starts from getting the corpse from mortuary after bribing, transportation cost at sky touching charges, going around the crematorium to book slots, getting firewood at prohibitive cost and performing last rites as per charges demanded by the priest. Everybody wants to make quick.bucks. Are we not human beings? Shouldn't we show our sympathy to the neighbours at the time of crisis?

P R Vittal Rao, Hyderabad

Control panic, be aware

In the times of rising Covid cases, the most important aspect that needs to be addressed is Covid stigma. Issues regarding mental health are rising every day. Ambiguity and uncertainty about coronavirus and isolation are creating extremely stressful situations. While preventive and medical action is the most important aspect of fighting the pandemic, emergency psychological crisis interventions for people affected by Covid-19 are also very significant which cannot be ignored.

Hearing about Covid situation for entire day from all corners is creating unwanted scare. Many incidents are being reported across the nation about people dying with fear of Covid. A positive campaign in this chaotic situation is need of the hour. People who have recovered from Coronavirus should come front and spread the positivity. No doubt second wave is severe in India, but fatality rate is 1.2%. Not every person who tests positive requires a bed in hospital and needs oxygen. It's mostly for patients who are already suffering with co-morbidities and in some cases for people who start Covid treatment very late. Be Aware, but don't panic.

Ravi Teja Kathuripalli, Hyderabad

Stop IPL tournament

The IPL tournament is going on in India without the involvement of live spectators. The much-debated issue to cancel the tournament amidst the second wave of pandemic needs an urgent overview. While it is appreciable to play with the sportsmanship and spirit of the game despite the odds, the organisers otherwise should take a call to cancel the tournament now without much delay.

IPL tournament may be cancelled for the remaining matches while considering the health and safety of the players and the match officials involved in the game. The organisers should instead come forward to donate the funds to much-needed medical relief and oxygen requirements in India. The gesture will be welcomed by one and all as such there is no need for a cricket tournament to be held in this hour of a health crisis.

Varun Dambal, Bengaluru

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