MyVoice: Views of our readers 28th April 2023

MyVoice: Views of our readers 28th April 2023

Views of our readers

Will Modi condone Naidu's insults?

Reiterating the age-old adage that in politics, there are no permanent friends and foes and as such turncoat culture is ever flourishing for gaining selfish ends. While giving interview to Republic TV on April 25, Telugu Desam top leader Chandrababu Naidu praised PM Narendra Modi and said he was against Modi the government in 2019 on denial of certain issues like Amaravati development, Special Category Status, funds for various projects in AP and therefore he had to join hands with Congress and other parties. At that time CBN's comments on PM were hurtful not to mention at this juncture. It is not so easy for Modi to erase them from his mind though his outward appearance looks very cool and plain. People are waiting to see whether BJP, Janasena and TDP will have poll alliance together or secretly support YSRCP to see that TDP does not come to power as this party may become a hard nut unlike YSRCP.

Dr NSR Murthy, Secunderabad

Set up public grievances cell at TS Sectt

Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao with the intention of boosting the morale among ministers and bureaucrats re-constructed the secretariat building with marvellous looks. Respecting his call for good governance, the HODs and the ministers should give top priority to the public welfare in the state for good governance. Complaints are an important way for the government to be accountable to the public, and review the organisational performance and the conduct of government staff. There should be a public grievances redressal mechanism in the secretariat and the public visiting hours may also be increased from 3 to 5 pm to 2 to 5 pm to receive public representations.

Surender Kumar Malla, Secunderabad

RTA blind to tyranny of autos & cabs

Has the RTA given free hand to auto rikshaw and cab drivers to loot the passengers by taking fares as per their wish? Have the authorities asked them not to turn on the meters? Then, why aren't the auto rikshaw drivers following the RTA rules and what for are the meters fixed to those vehicles? Who gave them the authority to charge ₹25-30 per km ilometre and why there is no control over the issue? As per the G.O. dated 14-02-2014, the minimum fare up to 1.6 km is ₹20 and subsequent fare for every km is ₹11. Today, even for a small distance of 5 km, they're demanding ₹100 to ₹150. Though the RTA is revising the auto fares from time to time, the drivers still refuse to ride based on meter fare is rather surprise. On the other hand, the drivers of app based autos and cabs too are enjoying full freedom of charging more and cancelling the rides as per their wishes even after confirming the trip. This is causing big concern. The RTA must look into these issues.

Tumuluri Sri Kumar, Hyderabad

Gujarat, Bihar govts brazenly releasing hardcore criminals

Mohan Singh and 26 associates were released from Bihar Jail. These are hardcore criminals, who killed Krishnaiah G, an IAS officer on duty, by lynching in 2012. The court awarded them life imprisonment in 2018. Now in 2023 all these criminals are released, making necessary amendments in the Prison Rules. The Supreme Court may look into this case suo moto and direct re-arrest of the hardcore criminals and punish the officials responsible for their release. Earlier 11 rape criminals were released from Gujarat prison. What is happening? Why mercy for hardcore criminals? Moreover, the cases of crime indulged in by the public representatives have to be taken up in a special court on a war-footing, and the criminals must punished.

Kantamsetti Lakshhman Rao, Visakhapatnam

Reservation politics take an ugly turn in K'taka

As the Supreme Court put on hold scrapping of Muslim reservation till May 9, Karnataka assured it that the earlier quota regime will continue to hold till the next hearing. However, as the court had already remarked that the state's decision to scrap the quota was based on absolutely fallacious assumptions, and observed that the decision of the government to raise 2% quotas each for Vokkaligas and Lingayats by scrapping the 4% Muslim quota is shaky and flawed, it is clear that more than to benefit really backward and extremely poor Muslims, sadly vote bank politics have come into play. Notwithstanding the final order from the court, it is crystal clear that reservation politics is certain to create heartburn among various communities and hurt nation's interests in the long run. All in all, in order to avoid confusion and conflict and prevent piling of cases in the court by every aggrieved community, a conscious decision needs to be taken by all the parties on the issue.

K R Srinivasan, Secunderabad

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