MyVoice: Views of our readers 27th May 2024

MyVoice: Views of our readers 17th July 2024

MyVoice: Views of our readers 17th July 2024


Putting aside morals and decency unashamedly in the current Lok Sabha electioneering, political leaders are changing political affiliations like chameleons and are on blame game spree with foulest of the language ever.

Bribery pervades everywhere

This refers to “Raining cash on graduates in MLC poll” (May 26). It is reported that every party is luring voters with cash incentive of Rs 3,000-5,000 per vote. This is for elections for graduate constituency where the contestants and the voters, both, are graduates. If these educated citizens are vulnerable to bribe, why blame the poor people in the name of ‘cash for votes’ in Assembly and General elections? The competition of national parties even in panchayat and municipal elections, insignificant earlier, introduced bribe in them too. It is an open secret that bribery exists in every system in our society irrespective of qualifications and economic status, elections are top among them.

Dr O Prasada Rao, Hyderabad

When the voter is amused...

Putting aside morals and decency unashamedly in the current Lok Sabha electioneering, political leaders are changing political affiliations like chameleons and are on blame game spree with foulest of the language ever. They are trying their hardest to hoodwink voters from discussing the real issues like unemployment, growth and justice staring them in face. However, they should soon be realising that when the results of election are declared it will be the voters who will be amused and they would be finding themselves confused with the results. It’s the voter who has the edge to get amused always in a vibrant democracy with their collective wisdom.

Brij Bhushan Goyal, Ludhiana

Not amusing to hear ‘Khan Market’

I was initially for a moment delighted, however, to be followed by my own admirable appreciation of the recently generated the usage of the term “Khangress” in the virulent social media, as a euphemism for the Congress party. Alas! No more it remains a one time and off beat quip. I was surprised to note that the Prime Minister of the country himself speaking in such terms as he has gone on record saying “the Khan Market gang...”

Seshagiri Row Karry, Hyderabad

Creating halo around Modi

His critics derisively say that Narendra Modi suffers from delusions of grandeur and regard him as a megalomaniac and a demagogue who has an exaggerated sense of his own importance. Independent Modi watchers tend to think that his claim of ‘divine deputation’ is a subtle way of arrogating to himself the ‘divine right’ to rule. The contrary view is that Modi is projected and sold as a larger-than-life strongman by corporate behemoths and upper caste Hindu revivalists and supremacists purely in the furtherance of their own interests.

G David Milton, Maruthancode, TN

Informative article on PM’s press meets

Your Sunday magazine is interesting . Thank you. “PMs’ varied approaches to’Press Meets’” is informative. Vanam Jwala Narasimha Rao’s articles always reflect professionalism. Professionals do not belong to any party or individual. Like doctors they use their skill for someone’s good. The above article is a fine combination of journalistic analysis and public relations. In public relations, you don’t hurt anyone. Good policy.

Dr J Bhagyalakshmi, Madanapalle

Glaring loose ends in Porsche case

Take today’s sensation of Porsche brat. Why are there so many loose ends? Does he possess a driving licence? If not, why did the father, or the driver of the car, allow him to drive. They too are responsible. On the same lines, if a culprit commits a sexual crime and wants to hide behind his age, then the parents should also be punished for the crime. The second aspect is the government is allowing a situation to precipitate into a quagmire. Juvenile being charged as adult is not necessarily a good idea.

Jayanthi Subramaniam, Mumbai

Ghastly accident as officials act blind

The ghastly incident of fire accident at an unlicensed gaming zone, without adequate fire fighting equipment, resulted in the death of 22 people. Such incidents generally come to light after a mishap takes place. One wonders why there cannot be a proactive inspection to identify such illegal and unlicensed establishments across the country before such mishaps snuff out lives. This must be a wakeup call to all the concerned.

K V Raghuram, Wayanad

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