MyVoice: Views of our readers 23rd May 2024

MyVoice: Views of our readers 5th March 2023

MyVoice: Views of our readers 5th March 2023


Views of our readers

No govt office free from corruption

A CBI inspector was caught red-handedly by CBI officials in a corruption case in nursing scam in Madhya Pradesh. An ACP in Hyderabad was trapped by ACB for possessing huge money and gold disproportionate to his known income. It is like fence eating the crop. No works in government offices could easily be done unless the palms of officials concerned are greased. Let anyone show in any institution where there is no corruption in our country? As someone said, corruption has become a part of our life.

N Ramalakshmi, Secunderabad

Prashant merely parrots BJP words

This letter is in reference to news “Iss baar 300 paar” (22nd May). Prashant Kishor is a failed political strategist, but media is giving an extra preference as he is talking like parrot the words taught by BJP. He says that Congress is of ignorance, laziness, arrogance. But he has forgotten that Rahul Gandhi has infused new blood to Congress by his two yatras. He received a tremulous response with his yatras. But people like Prashant Kishor are unable to get the people’s pulse. Yogendra Yadav who has toured more than 100 Lok Sabha seats says that BJP is going to lose more than 50 seats compared to last Lok Sabha elections. The Lok Sabha elections 2024 are more suspenseful than Hitchcock movies.

Zeeshan, Kazipet


It is amusing to see the BJP, wearing the hat of an astrologer and predicting “Ab ki baar, 400 paar”, right from first phase polling. Now after five phases, the alter ego of BJP, Prashant Kishore has come up with another prediction: “Iss baar 300 paar”. ( page 1, THI, 22 May). This is causing great confusion among the voters and the common citizens. The million dollar question is what would be the eventual number of LS seats that the BJP is going to win at the end of 7 phases? Only the D-day can answer the question on hatrick or penalty kick.

P H Hema Sagar, Secunderabad

Anti-Sanatan oppn losing public support

Apropos editorial ‘Oppn leaders lose touch with reality’. The reason why the Opposition leaders are not taken seriously as they are antagonising the people of the country, decrying Sanatan Dharm and showing glaringly overt concern for minorities as if secular democracy is non-existent in the country. These parties failed to live up to the long term needs like drinking water problem, health, hygiene and sanitation. The reality with these worthies is they want these problems to remain, and not to solve them in one go. The Opposition talks of unemployment, price rise – about which India is doing far better than other developed countries in the world.

K R Parvathy, Mysuru

Disappointing show by Sunrisers

In the qualifier 1 match, Sunrisers Hyderabad were inconsolably defeated by Kolkata Knight Riders on May 22. KKR bowlers battered the SRH batters into bits. SRH bowlers and batsmen played like novices. The same team exhibited excellently in some of its previous matches and surpassed earlier IPL records. Fans of SRH, especially Telugus, are totally disappointed.

Dr NSR Murthy, Secunderabad

Too casual remark by apex court judge

It does not behoove the person of a stature of Supreme Court Justice to stumble upon remarking “everybody would like to sit at home and cast their votes” as it casts a highly unwarranted aspersion on the vigilant citizenry, which thankfully turned out in huge numbers this poll season showing a higher percentage of voting throughout the country. People expect a properly considered view from the elite as different from that of a layman.

Seshagiri Row Karry, Hyderabad

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