MyVoice: Views of our readers 22nd May 2024

MyVoice: Views of our readers 22nd May 2024

Views of our readers

Height of sycophancy of BJP leaders

Calling Lord Jagannath as a Bhakth (devotee) of Narendra Modi by BJP leader Sambit Patra is a worst, shameful and highly condemnable comment. It is the height of arrogance as many leaders are projecting Narendra Modi as an “Avataar” of God and even greater than God. These leaders have no shame and comparing in Modi as an incarnation of God. Now Sambit Patra calling Lord Jagannath, the greatest symbol of Odia Asmita, as a Modi Bhakth, a Bhakth of a human being, is an insult to the Lord Jagannath and hurts feelings of crores of people who pray Lord Jagannath not only in Orissa and across the world.

Zakir Hussain, Kazipet

BJP govt is certainly on its way out

The assessment by independent analysts in the wake of the completion of 5 phases of polling is that the BJP-led NDA is unlikely to cross the halfway mark of 272 to form the next government. Overconfidence exuded by BJP leaders that the party is all poised to win by a huge margin is widely seen as a strategy to give the impression that it is still in an invulnerable position and avoid its cadres suffering from low morale. Only those who fail to see the significant swing to the INDIA bloc say that the BJP is definitely forming the next government. The Modi wave is conspicuous by its absence to catapult the BJP to power. With the passage of time, the overarching appeal of Hindutva has inevitably diminished for the party to ride to power on its strength.

G David Milton, Maruthancode, TN


The fifth phase of the Lok Sabha election on Monday across the country witnessed the urban people tend to be indifferent to the process of election of the government and the turnout stood at a meager sixty per cent. Major cities in the country, often pigeonholed as thriving synergy of diversity and progress, have consistently produced record-low voter turnouts in various types of elections. This quiescence on their part is pernicious to democracy.

Raju Kolluru, Kakinada

Great loss to Iran’s conservatives

It’s a great tragedy for Iran to have lost its President Ebrahim Raisi in a chopper crash. Given the prevailing of unrest situation there in the region, the unfortunate crash will lead to genesis of multiple conspiracy theories. Israel will be looked at with suspicion, especially when the tensions are flying high between them. In his untimely death, it may be a great loss especially for conservatives there as he was a leader with vast experience, considered to be potential enough to become successor of supreme leader khamaini.

Dr DVG Sankara Rao, Vizianagaram


It is doing rounds that the crash is the handiwork of Israel as Raisi led the drones attack on Israel in retaliation to the attack on its facility in Syria recently. His death may cast shadow on recent agreement with India over Chabahar. The loss of one of the most seasoned and ideologically disciplined defenders of the revolution and a transition and domestic and regional uncertainties is an added challenge to the Islamic Republic.

Pratapa Reddy Y, Tiruvuru, NTR dt

Campaigns centred on trivial issues

There are so many real and urgent issues facing the nation. But instead of these pressing issues, poll campaigns are built around emotive issues like religion and patriotism. Nobody should question the nationalism of another party or the religious beliefs of the candidates. Yet, somebody eating mutton in holy months or accused of not visiting the Ram temple are being discussed. Nobody is talking about climate changes which are affecting the health of citizens. All the talk about getting black money back has been forgotten. Women’s safety is largely unaddressed and the future of the young people is never considered. Suddenly, the POK has found its way into the campaigns. There is no way its merger could happen without war.

Anthony Henriques, Mumbai

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