MyVoice: Views of our readers 22nd May 2023


Views of our readers

Harm biodiversity at our own peril

The International Biodiversity Day is celebrated worldwide on May 22 every year. Our India is very diverse in terms of flora and fauna. Our country is one of the 17 most diverse countries in the world. This variation has several advantages. But due to the selfish interests of some, the biodiversity of our country is at risk. Already some bird species, forest animals, animals and plants are entering the endangered list. Human survival has become dangerous due to this. Central and state governments should create awareness among people. Conservation of biodiversity is our responsibility.

J M R Dunga, Amadalavalasa

The term ‘Biodiversity’ means a wide variety of life found on earth. Biologically rich habitats and many species are now disappearing due to human activities and pollution, which is a grave concern. It is man’s duty to adopt environment-friendly practices which don’t interfere with nature and conserve various species. Mahatma Gandhi said “What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.”

TS Karthik, Chennai

Need for thorough probe into trading in Adani stocks

The Expert Committee constituted by the Supreme Court on Adani issue said it cannot, as of now, arrive at a finding of “regulatory failure” of SEBI in dealing with the alleged contravention of securities law by the Adani Group or any other companies. This kind of result, in corporate related controversies, is not a new thing for the people of India. Many previous findings like the Panama Papers had been swept under the carpet and the accused were allowed to move scot-free. The entire winter session of Parliament was washed away because of the ruckus that it witnessed. And the country suffered a lot due to the silence maintained by the government on the issue. A thorough investigation is a must to unravel the truth and make the markets confident.

G Thirupathaiah, Hyderabad

Rs 2000 withdrawal a move to trouble oppn

The RBI has announced withdrawal of Rs 2,000 denominations from circulation. One fails to understand the intention of the RBI move. Demonetisation of 2016 failed to achieve its intentions of cracking down on black money, and to choke finances to terrorists operating in the country. The move will not impact citizens as the 2016 demonetisation showed. Because, these times have seen physical currency become obsolete, with people depending on net transfers and money payment apps for transactions. But this move will definitely impact businesses which engage in transaction of big money.

Dr George Jacob, Kochi

A good number of economists opine that the RBI’s latest decision to take Rs 2,000 notes out of circulation can have a disruptive effect on the economy especially vis-a-vis small traders, farmers, and MSME. If the move is with a view to dealing with stash of black money and making it vanish, the number of hoarders will be very thin and negligible this time. Still, we are in a cryptic condition as to what we have achieved from the exercise in 2016. The objective of the government is still not clear, miserably.

E Sethuramalingam, Kollam

It is only the big businessmen and the politicians who are caught between a rock and a hard place. There is no doubt that the timing was a coup. BJP is still stung by the reverse in Karnataka and the government is aware of the coming state elections and their significance. Telangana, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh are slated to go for elections later this year and BJP is not very confident in at least three of the four states. What with anti-incumbency both in Madhya Pradesh and in Chhattisgarh, BJP wants to make things as difficult as possible for all the opposition parties including the Congress and the BRS. It is no secret that all political parties favour the Rs 2000/- note as the easiest way of doling out money to the voters. The politicians will be forced to bring out the black money and get it changed. Many political parties might see this as an opportunity and distribute the money right away. It could mean an early Dussehra or Diwali gift for the voters.

Dr M Anil Ramesh, Miyapur

A paper currency gets soiled on its exchange multiple times. Every paper currency has to either become anew or get completely extinct after a certain specified noumber of years. The RBI decision is to make it invisible and extinct. Rs 2,000 comes in handy while transacting huge volumes of cash. But as it perhaps has outlived its shelf life, it needs to be destroyed. The government could have decided to recycle it andprint brand new Rs 2,000 notes. This involves enormous expenditure. To avoid this, it has taken a decision to completely destroy the same.

N R Raghuram, Hyderabad

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