MyVoice: Views of our readers 1st June 2023

MyVoice: Views of our readers 1st June 2023

Views of our readers

Ban tobacco & gutka, save youth

I would like to bring to the notice to the government and people that my both elder and younger brothers live in Hashmathpet, habituated to gutka, taking cue from my father. Now, after many years of consuming gutka, both are behaving as mentally unstable persons. My elder brother’s condition is serious and has become a burden to the family and in future the younger would follow suit. We are trying to stop them from tobacco use, because of its availability at everywhere. I request government and people to ban and reject completely the gutka menace.

D Kishan Prasad, Karimnagar

Free reins to engg colleges to sell seats

The government needs electoral funds because elections to the TS assembly are round the corner. Therefore, it is understandable that all educational institutions are given a free hand to sell seats on demand. These colleges are denying meritorious students an opportunity to pursue studies of their choice only because of economic reasons. Our political leadership is the most crooked in this world. For them all that matters is money no matter how it materialises. KCR & co should hang their heads in shame for the disservice they are doing to the education sector. Where merit gets ignored, that country is doomed once and for all.

Govardhana Myneedu, Vijayawada

TDP chief, too, throws freebies bait

Matinee idol NTR wanted to help the poor but he didn’t like to give anything free of cost to make the beneficiaries accountable. However, during his centenary celebrations, his son-in-law and present national president of TDP Nara Chandrababu Naidu released first part of its manifesto in Mahanadu. He announced a slew of freebies so as to entice voters both in TS and AP. But the same person criticised the YSRCP welfare programmes saying such schemes would drive it to the situation what Sri Lanka is facing. Moreover, it is no guarantee that the TDP will implement its manifesto in true spirit if one takes it track record into consideration.

Pratapa Reddy Y, Tiruvuru, NTR Dt

Erdogan re-elected, has task cut out

That Erdogan being re-elected as the president of Turkey is an interesting development. The high inflation and economic woes of that country under his rule couldn’t stop him from becoming the president again. The strong leader of far-right political philosophy subverted the judiciary and legislature to his liking. Still he could get the mandate, however narrow and controversial, enough to retain the top position. He has a task cut out for making his country economically stable and externally influential on world stage particularly in the background of Russia Ukraine war.

Dr DVG Sankararao, Vizianagaram


Tayyip Erdogan’s authoritarian rule has entered its third decade with his palm in Turkey’s runoff presidential election. The US and its abettors were hoping that the drift would turn in their favour, but now they’ve no choice but to deal with Erdogan, who has proved to be a tough nut to crack for the West. Amid the Ukraine war, Erdogan’s been brazenly engaging with Russia. Erdogan’s has indicted Stockholm of being soft on terror groups hostile to Ankara. Political durability in Turkey doesn’t help India as well since Erdogan has maintained good relations with China as well as Pakistan.

Dr Vijaykumar H K, Raichur

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