MyVoice: Views of our readers 15th April 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 21st May 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 21st May 2021


This has reference to the news item that string of festivals keep TS govt on tenterhooks (Apr 14)

Break the pandemic chain

This has reference to the news item that string of festivals keep TS govt on tenterhooks (Apr 14). The second wave of the disease is taking the country by surprise and more vigorously. In the political meetings held in the five states which went to the polls recently, social distancing and wearing of masks were given a toss by participating people which is responsible for the present crisis. Peoples careless attitude towards the virus compounds the situation.

Secondly, we exported medicines to 80 countries but now we are running short of medicines. It is clearly a thoughtless exercise. At least now, step up the manufacture of medicine commensurate to the local demand. Import vaccines from other countries to tide over the situation.

Thirdly, the religious festival gatherings like the Kumbh meal at Haridwar where people were seen without masks and not maintaining the SOP for covid - 19.

Ramzan, Rama Navami and Chaitra Car festivals in Hindu temples are on the line. These needs to be either postponed or banned.

Another lock down at this point in time is unsustainable from the economic point of view. People should realise and do the needful to break the chain of the virus.

Sravana Ramachandran, Chennai

Pak damaging its own cause

Apropos 'Who funds Pak's purchase of western military equipment', by Binay Kumar Singh. The write up made an interesting reading of Pakistan's desperation to catch up military with the rest of the world, India in particular. It is an open secret that Pakistan is being run by the military of the country, behind the façade of democracy, which is the reason for the country perpetually being in economic shambles akin to poor African nations.

Covid-19 added to the vows of Pakistan, in pushing the faltering economy further nose-diving to pathetic level. As for Pakistan's zeal to become a military power in the region with the help of China, to counter India's legitimate military preparedness is interesting to watch.

Pakistan knows that it cannot match India militarily, and there is no need for it too. Therefore, it is Pakistan's plan to bleed India through several cuts, to make it perpetually weak by encouraging Islamist jihad in the country through every avenue possible - in predominantly Muslim dominated regions of the country. China is the ultimate beneficiary in terms of land being allocated to China's grand road plan passing through Pak occupied Kashmir that belonged to India; covert and overt terror operations in J&K are intended to irritate India to no end.

Pakistan's short-cut dreams of becoming a military power by refitting passenger ships to make them battle worthy may sound impressive to the general public of that country but the real test for these ships will be assessed in a real battle - God forbid such a scenario to arise, giving good sense to Pakistan to refrain .

K V Raghuram, Wayanad

Close schools, save students

AP government's decision to continue the present academic year up to 31st May 2021 is really shocking. Covid cases are increasing in the state at an alarming rate. In our state extreme heat wave prevails from the first week of May. In these circumstances, how wise it is to continue the academic year. Many parents are of the opinion that the academic year should be closed by April 30 and the new academic year should commence as usual on June 12.

It is not at all wise or practically possible to conduct classes in the month of May. Children should be promoted to next class after conducting a baseline test. Hope the AP educational department will take stock of the ground reality and act accordingly.

D V Seshasai, Narasaraopet

Welcome development

Talks between Iran and the USA on the nuclear deadlock have concluded in Vienna and it has raised hopes that the crisis may be coming to an end. It is hoped that the talks will cause a revival of the agreement from which former President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew the US in 2018. According to European and Iranian diplomats, efforts to revive the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) are on the right track.

Both countries have now realised the importance of restoring mutual trust. The USA has acknowledged that there has been tremendous and profound discord between the two countries for the past several years. It is a positive sign that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani described the initial talks as a " success. In fact, European signatories to the deal acted as intermediaries.

Iran has set strict conditions on the talks. It has adopted an " all or nothing" approach to the talks. It is determined that Washington must remove the crippling sanctions imposed by Trump administration. Given that presidential elections are scheduled to be held in Iran in June, a positive development will be an advantage for Rouhani and his party in the forthcoming elections. If there are no positive developments, Rouhani and the Foreign Minister Javad Zarif may suffer setback in the elections.

The Biden administration has shown flexibility in its approach to Iran. The US ended its support for Saudi Arabia's war against the Houthis, militants supported by Iran. It promised to lift the sanctions if Iran returns to the JCPOA terms. It has made an offer to Iran to release $ 1 billion frozen oil money in exchange for Iran ending its 20% uranium enrichment. However, Iran has rejected the offer because it wants more concrete measures from the US.

The US and Iran need to take into account the rising security tensions in the region , the forthcoming presidential elections in Iran and shortage of time and focus on talks and restore the lost trust. They must take measures to resolve the nuclear crisis before time runs out. A positive beginning has been initiated. On the other hand, success of the deal is dependent on forward movement.

Venu G S, Kollam

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