MyVoice: Views of our readers 14th April 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 21st May 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 21st May 2021


Almost all politicians instigate religion, caste, region and other sentiments during polls and so Election Commission should ban campaigns forever for all (Mamata barred from campaigning for 24 hours, April 13)

Campaigning in social media era

Almost all politicians instigate religion, caste, region and other sentiments during polls and so Election Commission should ban campaigns forever for all (Mamata barred from campaigning for 24 hours, April 13). What is the need for parties to conduct meetings, roadshows and other campaigns when people are well aware what governments did to them due to availability of social media, 24/7 news channels ? Such hard decisions will stop poll violence drastically and ensure free and fair elections. Today country needs dynamic and unbiased bureaucrats like T N Seshan, who reformed elections by banning graffiti, noisy campaign, wall writing and posting posters during his tenure.

Kshirasagara Balaji Rao, Hyderabad

Allow only e-canvassing

I request President of India and CEC to allow only e-canvassing in view of corona-phase-2. Ban all public / social gatherings (including physical presence requiring public meetings, door-to-door campaigns / canvassing) as they can spread Covid. A life lost cannot be got back. Also we can know the real winner in elections (when held without any public gathering). Even voting / ballot time should ensure all safety precautions (mask wearing, 6 feet distance, sanitizer using and regular washing of hands).

Sreelekha P N, Secunderabad

Covid and elections

It is a matter of serious concern to one and all that the number of Covid19 cases with its variant forms is surging ahead claiming lives on the one hand and political rally and religious gatherings like Kumbh Mela are being permitted on the other. Prime Minister advises all to save self and others by wearing mask and maintaining physical distancing. But his public meetings do not reflect the same sentiments.

Holding elections and capturing power seems to be more prioritised agenda than saving lives of the people. Perhaps after the spell of elections administration may come out with more stringent measures and lockdown. Winning power should not turn to be a predatory affair.

A G Rajmohan, Anantapur

Bidding goodbye to FCAT

The abolition of the Film Certification Appellate Tribunal (FCAT) by the central government comes as a blow to filmmakers and producers amid Coronavirus pandemic. The move would cause untold problems to the filmmakers and producers who can't afford delays on their scheduled film releases. The FCAT was in fact a statutory body constituted to hear appeals of filmmakers/producers aggrieved by the cuts suggested by the Central Board of Film Certification. It was the first avenue for them to appeal if a filmmaker disagrees with a Censor Board's decision. With the scrapping of FCAT, the filmmakers and producers have no choice but to approach the High Court. According to film fraternity, the abolition of FCAT is arbitrary and restrictive.

The abolition of FCAT would actually make way for more bottlenecks with their film certification process getting prolonged due to judicial delay in hearing their appeal cases which may adversely affect their release of films in the future. This will force the filmmakers and producers to either cut or alter their films to the whims and fancies of the Censor Board or seek legal recourse. Approaching the court will further complicate timeless and delay matters.

K S Rao, Thane

'Power Star' pyrotechnics

Pawan Kalyan's latest movie 'Vakeel Saab' was released last Friday. Many fans and well wishers of the hero were very excited for the release and movie. This latest Tollywood movie is a remake of the Bollywood movie 'Pink' staring Amitabh Bachchan which was a box office hit. Pink movie portrays how women of this era are standing for themselves against powerful people and there's comes the famous dialogue "No means No". But coming to Vakeel Saab all the hype and praise is all about the hero starring in it and this movie is seen as a Power Star movie rather than a women empowering movie. The film is being focused on the hero who plays the role of a lawyer who supports the women who are standing for justice. People should change their mindsets and focus on the concept and plot of the film rather than the actors in it.

K Nikitha Rachel Melissa, Hyderabad

Honouring Bapu

I wonder why political leaders do not demand Bharat Ratna award for the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi? It's a million dollars question that got no answer from the decades. After the attainment of Independence Congress was the ruling party at national level and in the states also. It's a well-known fact. Hope the present BJP government at the Centre takes the initiative in this regard.

Pesala Narayana, Badvel

Worst status of Warangal

The main thoroughfare of Warangal chowrasta is beyond disgusting...what with poor traffic sense adding to crowded dirty ill-maintained roads! What development worth crores is being touted here? The facelift of the Collectorate and a few attempts here and there?

Water connections in slum areas are being given whereas tax payers are left in the lurch without tap connections even in main localities! Supplying drinking water every day would only lead to wastage of this precious nectar of life! There are people who let water flow into the drains because they want to clean the drains, so to speak!

We have submitted letters signed by the whole colony to the chief whip, the collector and the municipal commissioner, with specific details and requests for development works...but to no avail. Not a single response!

Our colony is just past the main vegetable market of Kazipet, yet some drain works are not done, roads have not been laid in some places, open plots are a nuisance!

These small works would require just a small portion of the funds allocated for development works, yet we keep hearing ONE refrain - funds crunch!! I really wish our MA&UD minister would look beyond the happy picture that the officials paint for him.

Helen G T, Vijayanagar Colony, Kazipet

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