MyVoice: Views of our readers 13th May 2024

MyVoice: Views of our readers 17th July 2024

MyVoice: Views of our readers 17th July 2024


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s pungent question whether Prime Minister Narendra Modi will follow the 75-year retirement rule framed by him for his party has become a political talking point.

What is the guarantee for Modi guarantee?

Apropos “Even if Modi turns 75, he will continue to be PM” (12 May). It is BJP which had made an informal rule to fix the upper age for their leaders to hold an office and therefore in 2014 senior leaders like LK Advani and others were placed in Margdarshak Mandal. An exception was later made for Yediyurappa who went to become CM briefly and he gave up after extracting his pound of flesh from BJP top leadership. As for PM Modi continuing beyond the age limit fixed by the party, it has proved that when the party can’t follow its own unwritten convention or rule, how can PM Modi expect the voters to believe in “Modi Ki Guarantee”? “Hypocrisy Ki Koi Seema Nahi hothi.” This is what PM often used to say while attacking his opponent. I have nothing against Modi as PM and breaking the world record. Guillermo Rodriquez, head of the state of Ecuador, has completed 100 years and 183 days.

N Nagarajan, Hyderabad


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s pungent question whether Prime Minister Narendra Modi will follow the 75-year retirement rule framed by him for his party has become a political talking point. Amit Shah lost no time to clarify that all the fuss is about an unwritten rule and there is no mention of retirement age in the BJP’s constitution. Nevertheless, if the INDIA bloc emerges the winner - the prospects for which are brightening - Narendra Modi won’t have to face the dilemma of whether to resign as a stickler for rules on turning 75 and hand over the reins of power to Amit Shah, his alter ego or complete the term out of his dedication to the country.

G David Milton, Maruthancode, TN


Apropos ‘Modi will make Shah PM if BJP wins polls: Kejriwal’ (The Hans India, May 12). Delhi CM’s visit to Hanuman temple at Connaught Place after his release from Tihar jail was full of razzmatazz. As Kejri could not play a victim card due to the court’s instructions at the time of providing bail, he wisely opted to attack Modi-Shah duo in an alternative way by bringing retirement rule set by PM Modi himself in the saffron party to the limelight. Leaders accusing their political rivals upon being incarcerated in any scam is tad annoying. Instead they must focus on proving their innocence in the court.

Vinayaka M, Bengaluru


In the 2014 elections when BJP attained majority, the main contendors for Prime Minister post were seniors likeLK Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi. But they were clandestinely eliminated from possible choice by building a consensus that they both were beyond 75 years and should politically retire. Thereby, Narendra Modi was chosen as the PM candidate. Now in 2024, Narendra Modi is to attain 75 years, and Amit Shah declares that there is no provision for retirement in BJP party’s constitution. Strange are the ways of Shah-Modi combine. Rules change as situations change!

P R Ravinder, Hyderabad

Think twice, exercise your franchise

People often choose not to vote because they feel their vote does not count. But, one vote does count in many ways. Your choice to vote or not will have far-reaching consequences on people all over the world, many of whom do not have the right to vote themselves. In local and national elections, lawmakers are elected who make laws, policies, and appointments that will have effects for years to come. The most common reason people say they do not vote is: One vote does not count. If everyone uses an excuse and does not vote, then what kind of government would we have? As citizens of the country, it is our duty to vote. Think twice, because every vote counts.

Jubel D’Cruz, Mumbai

BJP will hit double digit figure in TS

Telangana is all set to go to polls on May 13. With 17 In the last LS polls, BJP surprised everyone by bagging four seats. It will be a triangular contest yet again between Congress, BRS and BJP. BJP is likely to consolidate on its present tally and is expected to hit the double digit figure of at least 10 seats this time.There has been extensive campaigning here in Telangana by party stalwarts like Modi, Amit Shah, JP Nadda and Kishan Reddy. The BRS is facing losses due to its recent defeat in the Assembly polls and also due to Kavita’s arrest by the ED in the Liquor scam case. There is more possibility of a split vote between BRS and the BJP. The Congress has failed to deliver all its Six Guarantees, and it does not look as though it will have a landslide victory this time.

Parimala G Tadas, Hyderabad

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