MyVoice: Views of our readers 10th May 2024

MyVoice: Views of our readers 10th May 2024

Views of our readers

Israel’s intransigent attitude risks wider war

The anti-Israel protests in US Universities have now spread to many University Campuses across Europe. The opposition to ongoing war on Gaza is gearing up. The war’s continuation with Israel sending tanks to Rafah, is unwarranted as Hamas has shown readiness to talks and negotiation. If Israel is relentless, the situation may escalate to a World War, as military powers on both sides are on watch.

P R Ravinder,Hyderabad


Hopesof peace in Middle East are dashed with President Joe Biden reaffirming the US unwavering support to coordinate with G7 allies to formulate a united diplomatic response to what it is termed as Iran’s brazen aggression. By far, in the aftermath of lethal attack by Iran’s proxies Houties on Israeli targets, Israel’s defence managed to intercept the incoming threats thereby prevebting significant damage. Amidst the conflicts including the protracted Gaza war between Israel and Hamas, tensions have reached a critical juncture; it is sad that Gaza is sitting on a terrible volcano of anti-Semitism.

K R Srinivasan,Secunderabad

PM Modi’s communal rant shocking

PMNarendra Modis comments that BJP needs 400 seats so that Congress cannot succeed in its plan to put the “Babri lock” on the temple in Ayodhya are nothing but a ditch to polarise the voters on the communal lines. Modi asking people to decide on “vote Jihad” or Ram Rajya is another tactic to divide the two communities. There is no logic in his comments that BJP needs 400 seats so that Congress cannot put the Babri lock. Is it possible for any party to close Ram Mandir? PM should note that Muslims whole-heartedly invited the Supreme Courts judgement regarding Babri Masjid issue. Now, our PM is openly spewing venom at a particular community. The EC is condoning the gross violation of the Model Code of Conduct by the PM.

Zakir Hussain,Kazipet

Modi’s litany of lies continues

Wecould not believe our ears when we heard Prime Minister Narendra Modi telling that Ambani and Adani gave ‘tempo loads of black money’ to the Congress ‘to buy Rahul Gandhi’s silence’. It was a bombshell that nobody thought he would drop and throw us into total bewilderment. It is an irrefutable fact that the Modi government has hailed Ambani and Adani as ‘wealth creators’ and handed many ‘national assets’ to them. Without its support since its assumption of power in 2014, these two businessmen could not have amassed so much wealth. We don’t know what to make of Modi’s intriguing disclosure that Ambani and Adani have cozied up to the Congress, if it is not an addition to his litany of lies.

G David Milton,Maruthancode, TN

A stunning SRH team on a roll

Theexhibition of stunning, sterling and sparkling performance by Sunrisers Hyderabad against Lucknow Super Giants in Uppal stadium on May 9 is rated as highly superlative in Indian Premier League 2024. The target of 165/4 set by LSG was easily chased by SRH without losing a wicket in just 9.4 overs. Maximum utilisation of first six over power play accumulates a big score as proved by SRH. Openers Travis Head and Abhishek Sharma are accredited with all encomiums. Same spirit is expected from SRH in further matches to win the trophy.

Dr NSR Murthy,Secunderabad

Law must come down on criminals

Dr Mohan Kanda in his article ‘When to play and when to Quit’ has described what is comfortable to his thinking. The former Chief Secretary described lots of his experiences in the article. Luckily, some people know how to practise to maintain limitations in many aspects. On the other hand, there are many who enter wrong paths like corruption, crime, cheating, fake information to trap the innocent who cannot resist falling for the vices. Self-restraint is the best prevention and everyone can’t have it. As such, the long arm of law must stretch to save them from criminals.

G Murali Mohan Rao,Secunderabad

Covishield takers left to their fate

Thisrefers to “AstraZeneca withdraws Covid vaccine globally” (9 May). What a sad end of Covishield which has now gone into our body’s immune system. It is the vaccine which was widely used in India and even indirectly PM Modi endorsed the same with his photograph finding a place in our certificate and the only country where the photograph of the head of the state found a place in certificate. After the reports of blood clots started coming in, PM’s photo was quietly removed from the certificate. Now it is for the people who get diagnosed for blood clot to fight a lone battle as everyone has now washed off their hands.

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