MyVoice: Views of our readers 10th May 2023

MyVoice: Views of our readers 15th January 2024

MyVoice: Views of our readers 15th January 2024


The Kerala Story is a concocted, cock and bull story; it is a complete fabrication from start to finish; it cannot be justified as a fictionalised account of the situation in Kerala.

A motivated movie to malign

The Kerala Story is a concocted, cock and bull story; it is a complete fabrication from start to finish; it cannot be justified as a fictionalised account of the situation in Kerala. The real story of Kerala is that people of all faiths live in harmony. Muslim boys, like Hindu and Christian boys, have better things to do than wage ‘love jihad’ and ‘narcotic jihad’. Inter-faith marriages happen and they are bound to happen in a multi-religious society where people of all faiths live cheek by jowl and share spaces in colleges and workplaces. If love is blind to religion, so be it. What is the problem with it? To say that ‘our girls are lured in the name of love’ is to deny the girls their autonomy to make their personal choices. Prime Minister Narendra Modi lauded the film and even went to the extent of saying that critics of the film are terror backers. His stance on the film was not worthy of the country’s topmost leader who is the Prime Minister of all people, irrespective of their religious persuasions. As the holder of the country’s most exalted office, he is obliged to represent (and be seen to represent) all people. The Kerala Story that eminently qualifies to be described as a rabidly communal film (it is made as part of Hindu revivalism) does no great credit to the craft of cinema and India’s famed religious tolerance.

G.David Milton, Maruthancode, Tamil Nadu

Blatant violation of People’s Representation Act

According to Section 123 (3) of the People’s Representation Act of 1951, no candidate or his agent can appeal for votes on the grounds of religion, race, caste, community or language. Any violation of this would be deemed a corrupt practice under the law leading to disqualification of the candidate. Now on all stages of electioneering people appeal with names of Hindu Gods. Concerned Election Commissioner should have taken suo motu cognizance and acted upon. It is the Constitutional responsibility bestowed on him/her to ensure free and fair election.

Jayanthy Subramaniam, Mumbai

Deforestation take its toll

There is rampant tree cutting in forest and other areas in the name of development. Jungles after jungles have disappeared. The greedy traders are offering exorbitant prices to farmers and transporting wood to far off areas illegally for building materials and bakeries etc. The temperatures have risen like never before. It is just the beginning of summer and one can imagine what will be the conditions in peak summer. The road widening of highways has taken a heavy toll on ecology. It is time to ponder and plant trees to keep ecological balance. This issue is of dire importance, throughout the whole country, not limited to any particular area. The striking example is the splendid Darjeeling hills, where so many films were shot, are now barren in many parts. The forests have been destroyed and forest land has been used for cultivation and constructions of buildings. As the future inhabitants of this earth, it is only our children who are going to suffer and it is only we who can make the earth a better living place for tomorrow.

C K Subramaniam, Navi Mumbai

Irrational gun law a threat to society

The sad incident of death of a Hyderabad girl, Aishwaraya Thotikonda, among the nine persons killed in a mall shootout in Dallas when a gunman indiscriminately opened fire on the crowd; speaks of mindless and irrational gun laws prevailing in many states of the US. The irrational gun laws have come handy for sulking and mentally retarded individuals to target innocent and unwary people has become some kind of trend in the recent times to happen in school, church and other public places. President Biden has hinted at enacting laws to curb gun laws, but nothing on the ground is evident so far. This serious threat of possessing firearms by the anti-socials has no rationale in harming others; can be curbed only by strict gun laws and rigid enforcement, so that innocent lives are not lost in such incidents.

S Lakshmi, Hyderabad

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