MyVoice: Views of our readers 10th May 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 10th May 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 10th May 2021


We in India need more good Samaritans and patriots like Bro

Conversion of Calvary temple into Covid care centre inspiring

We in India need more good Samaritans and patriots like Bro. Satish, who converted his Calvary temple, one of the biggest in this part of the world, into a Covid isolation centre, to give free treatment to patients from under privileged class. ( Kavitha inaugurates Covid isolation centres at Calvary temple, THI, 9 May). It is quite heartening that there are many such noble souls and NGOs who are coming forward to save our Covid affected fellow citizens with great compassion and kindness. Even during the first wave, it was philanthropists who fed the migrant labourers walking back to distant homes. Taking cue, all big churches, corporate schools, temples, mosques, function halls, huge buildings like Gandhi Bhavan, NTR Bhavan,Telangana Bhavan, BJP Bhavan etc ,should be converted into free Covid isolation centres in the city with all the facilities, so that 2nd and 3rd waves can be tackled effectively. There is no use in criticising the governments of inaction. The society and people should come forward to save the humanity from Covid 19.

P.H.Hema Sagar, Old Alwal, Secunderabad

Laureus for Rafael Nadal

The eagerly awaited Laureus Sportsman of the Year Award goes to the sportsman who best demonstrates supreme athletic performance and achievement during the year. The 2021 award has rightly gone to tennis great Rafael Nadal who won his 20th Grand Slam title. Nadal edged past all the competitors to win his 2nd Sportsman of the Year Award and 4th overall. His earlier three awards were breakthrough of the year award in 2006, Sportsman of the year award in 2011 and Comeback of the Year Award in 2014. This is his 4th award overall. He has also been nominated four other times but was edged out by worthy awardees including Usain Bolt. Kudos Rafa.

C.K Subramaniam, Navi Mumbai

Why is Delhi govt stripped of its representative power?

This refers to write up by Fatima Hasan on the need to introduce the Government of National Capital of Delhi (Amendment) Bill 2021 that got assent from the President of India to come into effect from 27th April 2021. Electorate of Delhi constantly witnessed some sort of tug of war between the CM and LG on several small and irrelevant issues all the time. At times the issue became so serious, as to evaluate powers rested with each other, to assess true powers between these 'two power centres', and as a result the relevant and routine activities of the Delhi administration that often got delayed, to be put on the backburner to consternation of the general public, in the perpetual power tussle. And the author prudently said that there can be no swords in a scabbard that is impossible for a CM with a bloated ego.

Another vital and unmistakable aspect is the tendency of AAP to side with elements that are inimical to the Centre in their overall design of anti-nationalism, be it anti-CAA agitation that virtually blocked an entire stretch of a road in Delhi despite meaningful clarification and true intentions behind the move that were sincerely expressed by the Centre, and on the issue or the irrational farmers agitation on the stretch of the highway connecting Punjab, Haryana and Delhi in spite of well-meaning motive to revamp the agricultural sector in the country – and the AAP was hand-in-glove with such anti-social and anti-national elements that was not expected of a democratically elected government in the country.

It must be understood that the administration of Delhi will not have its hands tied as a result of the Amendment, in carrying out all legitimate, day to day people-friendly and routine administrative activities in the Union Territory of Delhi without any kind of interference or hindrance by the LG. The lingering doubt of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is clarified once and for all, on the needless power equation that has been irking him so long as to who is bigger and powerful – the CM or LG -- stands clarified with no scope for similar doubts arising in his mind on the issue.

S Lakshmi, Hyderabad

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