My Voice: Views of our readers 9th May 2021

My Voice: Views of our readers 4th September 2020

My Voice: Views of our readers 4th September 2020


Recently, the Madras High Court had termed the Election Commission of India as the most irresponsible institution of the country. It also said the officials of Election Commission must be booked with murder charges citing that the Election Commission is 'singularly responsible' for the second wave of Covid-19.

The Election Commission had a tough task to undertake

Recently, the Madras High Court had termed the Election Commission of India as the most irresponsible institution of the country. It also said the officials of Election Commission must be booked with murder charges citing that the Election Commission is 'singularly responsible' for the second wave of Covid-19.

The work of Election Commission is to hold elections at an interval of five years. Everybody including governments and people are responsible for inviting Covid-19 once again in India. Singularly blaming the Election Commission doesn't help.

This doesn't mean that the EC is not at fault. Holding elections at the time of pandemic was an ill-timed decision. But if elections were not held, how could the people decide whom they want to lead them in the fight against Covid-19 for the next five years.

The Madras High Court should not have used these 'harsh' words as the Supreme Court of India said. High Courts should maintain the dignity of other institutions such as EC while commenting on them. The Madras High Court used the wrong words in identifying EC's mistake. The EC had issued Covid-19 guidelines for the elections but they were not followed by the political parties and their candidates. Instead of commenting about EC, the Madras High Court should have ordered to take strict actions against those candidates who contributed immensely in bringing Covid-19 back to India.

Kartikey Upadhyay,Vadodara

Vanraj Bhatia will be missed

In legendary Music director Vanraj Bhatia's demise the Indian music world has lost a genius, a virtuoso who with his outstanding knowledge of music took Indian music to great heights. The most amazing fact about Vanraj Bhatia was that unlike other music composers who focussed only on one genre he gave his best in almost everything that needed music - be it the commercial films, the art movies or parallel cinemas , advertisement jingles , serials and what not . He gave a magical effect with his mesmerizing music skill . Vanraj carved a niche for himself with his distinct notes and soul stirring tunes in the seventies and the eighties in the art cinema circuit and Indian TV serials .

Bhatia composed music for movies including classics like 36 Chowringhee Lane, Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron, Manthan and Ankur in which music had it's own unique role to play . The song 'Mero Gaam Katha Parey ' from Benegal's Manthan is an example of this music wizards outstanding skill in music. The song and the tune was also used in a brilliant ad for Amul later which was also composed by him .

He also composed the opening tunes for some of the most popular Doordarshan serials of yesteryears when serials were simply part of the Indian family's daily home guest . Some of the most popular television shows of the 1980's like Wagle Ki Duniya, Khandaan, Naqab, Lifeline, Banegi Apni Baat and Tamas had music by this great composer. The legendary composer had won the National Film Award for Best Music for Govind Nihalani's Tamas in 1988. His superb music composition for Bharat Ek Khoj is truly a class apart and timeless.

He was also one of the pioneers of spiritual music with albums such as Bhagavad Gita and Anant. He had more than 7000 advertising jingles to his credit out of which the most loved ones composed for Liril, Dulux and Amul stay etched in Indian hearts . Vanraj bhatia's music, just like it's timeless beauty and classic enchantment will definitely remain immortal and unfading.

M Pradyu, Kannur

Covid 2.0, elections and muddle-headed Modi govt

West Bengal post and pre-poll violence is dominating the political space and federal relations are increasingly becoming strenuous and complicated. A ground is being prepared for sacking newly elected TMC government for its allegedly being in cahoots with the hooligans. A spate of murders and hounding of BJP workers have led to their exodus to neighbouring Assam to protect their lives. Mamata had refused to condemn the violence thus giving ammunition to the charges of 'state sponsored vendetta'.

There is no doubt that BJP had gone full steam to dislodge her on charges of misrule. Mamata too had gone overboard and is unleashing brute power against its political opponents and letting loose mafia to control businesses and trade. Recent spate of murders, beating kith and kin of BJP workers are all sheer acts of vendetta politics which needs to be condemned.

BJP's campaign remained largely confined to 'charges' and 'some baseless charges' and apart from it BJP played a civilised game. Its defeat was massive and masses have rejected their charges unequivocally. Mamata should have comforted herself from the ignominious defeat she handed over to their arch rival but even before she was anointed CM for third time, she let loose reign of terror.

The false narrative created by BJP, that they are winning big was boisterous and self-clapping on their own poor joke. BJP is under tremendous pressure to impose President's rule by invoking Article 356 to restore law and order. If it bites the bullet, things may go out of control and WB may be in for internal strife for a long, long time.

Election Commission which announced 8 phase elections in WB was either expecting large scale violence or pandering to TMC's charge of accommodating BJP leaders' schedule for more pointed campaigning and coverage. Chennai HC had taken a serious view of the decision to allow elections in five states when the virus graph was flattening. BJP's calculations to wrest Bengal from Mamata proved to be their nemesis.

When the world was vaccinating more and more population and increasingly becoming immune to contracting virus, India is leading second wave with unprecedented numbers and deaths.

There are lessons here. When UK strain was showing fatal spread, India allowed flights from UK and Canada, which caused spread of virus on one hand and allowed Khalistani extremists to be part of farmers' protests which also caused mutant virus to break fresh grounds in India.

Thoughtless passivity in matters of extreme sensibilities have become norm with the Govt. They can learn from Australia and US who lost no time to suspend flights and Australia going a step forward announcing jail and hefty fines if someone tried to enter their country.

Government's mindless announcement to open vaccination above 18 years without arranging vaccines is another avoidable mistake. What was the hurry and phased vaccination drive was going smoothly. It could be felt of one more month at best. Rise of cases in southern states is a big cause of worry. Kerala which had shown early results to tame the virus has become new hotspot with 40k cases being reported on daily basis. TN, Karnataka, Telangana and AP too are reporting higher cases. One factor which can be counted are the elections.

Now central government have refused to intervene and impose lockdown and have left to states to do their own biddings. It's a right move. States are in better position to enforce discipline and monitor which they were demanding in the first place. Let central government procure vaccines and make available to inoculate every citizen in the next three months. Sooner they do this better are chances to check the spread of virus.

Ashok Goswami, Mumbai

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