Is steel plant sale justified?

Visakhapatnam Steel Plant

Visakhapatnam Steel Plant


When the government tries to privatise a public sector undertaking, the impact is more on job security

When the government tries to privatise a public sector undertaking, the impact is more on job security. VSP came into existence after a lot of struggle and sacrifices. It should not be viewed as other industries.

The move to privatise VSP has hurt the sentiments of people who had taken to streets in the past few days to protest against it. The government should reconsider its proposal and take it back for the sake of scores of people who hold steel plant close to their heart.

M Ragha Sudha, doctor at a private hospital, Visakhapatnam

Privatisation of Vizag steel is a wrong decision by the BJP government at the Centre. The company has recognition in India and abroad and has a great track record in business and supplies quality steel for the needs of the nation.

Hence, we need to oppose this anti-people policy of handing over this public sector company to private parties.

B NaveenKumar, student, Tirupati

Visakhapatnam Steel Plant is going to stay in Vizag. Nothing is going to be moved.

The Central government intends to expand it further and increase its capacity. What's wrong with it? We prefer private educational institutions to government ones, corporate hospital to government hospital, private courier service to post office, private travel bus to RTC bus, and so forth.

However, still we do not want privatisation. Now many are saying that the plant started incurring losses as it did not own a captive iron ore mine. But there were times when the VSP generated profits even when there was no mine.

P Vishnu Kumar Raju, BJP leader, Visakhapatnam

The decision to privatise VSP is completely incorrect. The Central government has decided to privatise the important assets of the country like Indian Railways, BSNL, Air India, etc., These public assets nurtured over decades should be protected at any cost. The employees, political parties, trade unions, NGOs and common people should continue the fight to put pressure on the Central government to withdraw the decision on disinvestment.

Dr M Hari Prasad, History lecturer, Vijayawada.

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