Dangers of Mixopathy

Dangers of Mixopathy

Dangers of Mixopathy


The Central Council of Indian Medicine had issued a Gazette on November 19, 2020 with prior approval of the Central government allowing ayurvedic...

The Central Council of Indian Medicine had issued a Gazette on November 19, 2020 with prior approval of the Central government allowing ayurvedic doctors to perform 58 allopathy surgeries after due training for a few months.

Though preclinical subjects are same in Ayurveda and allopathy, the line of clinical managements of medical and surgical procedures are entirely different. Even drugs of Ayurveda are herbal-based and of other indigenous materials. Indian Medical Association (IMA) has totally opposed this policy of government to mix Ayurveda and allopathy as it brings out adverse results on patients.

In fact, Ayurveda is the most ancient medical science of Bharath for hundreds of years and respected and practically followed by kings and people of the era. Even ayurvedic surgeries were done at that time and still being practiced, the father of which was Susrutha and we respect this legend of Ayurveda.

As Ayurveda got spiritual orientation, it was thrived in many kingdoms. Allopathy doctors are never against ayurvedic medical science in its own form and originality and allopathy doctors never interfere with Ayurveda in its development and campaign.

But allopathy doctors are against mixing Ayurveda with allopathy as lines of treatments are entirely different. After five-and-a-half years graduation and three years of postgraduation, allopathy doctors come out of medical colleges and work in any reputed hospital for experience.

Thus, it is a long journey for allopathy medicos. Even after such experience, still there are problems in tackling diseases and during surgery. When this is the reality, how can an ayurvedic will be perfect to perform allopathy surgeries with limited training?

What is the anaesthesia they give? How can they manage postoperative care? How can they manage sudden complications? How can they face all these with limited training? For whose sake this mixing of ancient and modern medical sciences which IMA brands it as mixopathy?

Can any VIP come forward and get surgery done on him or her with ayurvedic doctors with allopathy training? Is this mixopathy for common man risking the life? When VIPs and wealthy people go to allopathy corporate hospitals even for minor thing, why should common man be forced to get surgery done by ayurvedic doctors?

It is true, there is shortage of doctors in the country as per population. But is this the way to tackle it risking the lives of the people? Increase in allopathy medical colleges and increase in the seats in medical colleges is the only solution. Many medicos come out of medical colleges and ready to join government service. Many medical graduates are serving rural areas.

Many doctors started private hospitals in peripheral towns and rural areas with latest diagnostic facilities and surgeries thus taking care of health of the people. But mixing ancient and modern medical sciences is highly dangerous and risky policy.

India has become medical hub and became medical tourist centre and many patients visit India from foreign countries and get treated with less expenses than their own country and with sophisticated modern medical technology and with best services.

Many foreigners are happily going back to their countries with best treatments. In this scenario, if ayurvedic doctors are allowed to perform surgeries what would be prestige and reputation of Indian medical services?

In view of these facts, The Indian Medical Association started fighting against mixopathy for the sake of poor people who will be the frontline people badly affected by this system.

We the members of IMA all over the country oppose this mixopathy tooth and nail and continue to fight to keep the prestige of allopathy with its identity and purity not allowing it mixed up with any other medical science.

Shortage of doctors and poor medical care in periphery and rural areas should be tackled in a different way with the advice of experts in healthcare with vast experience but not with anyone in power.

We appeal to the Central government to withdraw the Gazette immediately and appoint a committee with medical experts, National Medical Commission, social scientists and involving Indian Medical Association for a solution and for improving medicare in periphery and remote areas.

We respect ancient Ayurveda when it confines to its originality without crossing its borders infiltrating into allopathy.

Dr Jayaprakash Reddy, IMA State leader, Nalgonda

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