Maintaining The Relationship In The Tough Times Of Lockdown

Maintaining The Relationship In The Tough Times Of  Lockdown

Maintaining The Relationship In The Tough Times Of Lockdown


The pandemic has locked us in our respective home, giving us the opportunity to spend time with our loved ones. This story states about one of the experiences of the couple.

The pandemic has locked us in our respective home, giving us the opportunity to spend time with our loved ones. This story states about one of the experiences of the couple.

The couple officially is in their fourth week of social isolation in a tiny Manhattan apartment with each other. They have been in a relationship for almost two-year-old, and it feels like the world's longest twilight zone sleepover.

The advantages are turning into disadvantages. According to media reports of different countries, it is observed that the things which should be loved are turning ugly day by day. Coronavirus has wreaked havoc across the United States, with New York bearing the brunt of the damage, and it's safe to say they are sick. They stated that their friends and families livelihoods have been jeopardised, and our fast-paced, hypersocial lives have been placed on hold indefinitely. Everyone including couples are adjusting to our new lifestyle while also learning a lot about each other. The learnings include how feelings are handled, how people prioritise cleanliness, and now, both are doing their respective work from home, how they interact with our co-workers.

According to media reports, foreign countries had also witnessed disruption in the relationships. For instance, China has been released from an extended quarantine, marriage registry offices in the country are witnessing a rise in divorce filings. Several reports were received from New York that after the mass quarantines started, divorce lawyer Scott Orgel of Eiges & Orgel, PLLC in New York City says he's seen a substantial increase in family conflict consultations via internet calls or phone calls. The report claims that more people are accepting that the person they thought they liked is no longer the right person for them. The short period of time spent with the one with whom we don't want to make us felt like lifetime hours that are not finishing up.

In order to gain a more positive perspective on how self-isolation affects couples, they reached out to relationship experts and the various ways that are useful to make the COVID - proofing relationship in a better way.

Make a framework for each other

Gail Saltz, MD, clinical psychiatrist and host of the Personology podcast, says that most individuals, whether married or not, are just not together all day. He added that When we are abruptly pushed together and forced to disrupt your different routines and habits, it can cause anxiety and conflict. Adding some structure and personality to our everyday routine can be beneficial. It's important to give the freedom to each other in the relationship to maintain a healthy and happy relationship.

Sharing the feelings of anxiety and fear to each other

The rise in COVID has felt people in shock and live in the world of fear, recognizing and discussing the exact anxieties that are fuelling your interactions with your partner can help to calm you down. Leaving aside the chance to discuss it on a daily basis prevents it from spreading to other areas of your life and adding to your stress.

Accept the possibility that you and your partner are more dissimilar than you expected

Relationships can be energised by differences, and can share our passions with our partners. Orbuch explained that partnership isn't ruined because of those disagreements. The most crucial thing is that your core ideals are similar.

Make time to have a good time with your family

According to reports and studies it is believed that laughter can reduce stress level. Practice things with your partner which will make both into the world of laughter and enjoy everything that will reduce the stress.

Importance of space between partners

Giving space to each other in a relationship either physically or emotionally is very important. Privacy and space can take place in the same house, or even the same room. People should get the time to enjoy ' me-time with themselves. It helps to find the person themselves that has been lost somewhere in the regular busy and hectic day.

When things get tougher, take time to normalise

In the tough times things spoken out of anger are actually not meant but definitely ruined the situation. It's important when negative emotions are running strong, remember to return to the source of your feelings. The situation getting difficult for some span of time doesn't mean that the situation will not be improvised in the future.

Finally, keep in mind that relationships that make it through quarantine can have a favourable outcome.

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