Know your leafy regimen

Know your leafy regimen

Know your leafy regimen


Green leafy veggies that are extremely nutritious and easily available when in season, and make for a delicious healthy meal? And no, we’re not just talking about spinach - though it’s a good start

One particularly chilly morning, as I sat down by my window to practice my daily breathing exercises, I was startled out of my Zen by a phone call from an overzealous client who wanted to know if she could add vegetable supplement powder to her adolescent son's meals.

I reiterate to you what I told her; Why are you reaching out for supplements when the same nutrients are packed in your winter veggies? Let me show you all the greens you should not be missing out on this season:- An important tip all your iron rich greens need vitamin C to absorb the iron so remember to squeeze lemon or add tamarind or garcinia to them

Mustard leaves - Sarson ka saag is a delicacy enjoyed in the north half of the country.

This fibre and nutrient packed green can be added to sambhars, curries, soups or stews or just sauteed. This phyto-nutrient packed leafy green is a true delight. Mint - This fresh green herb will increase alertness and pull the winter blues right out of you. This mental stimulant also aids digestion.

Amaranth leaves - This power packed green is full of antioxidants, vitamins, iron and other minerals. This calcium providing vegetable also gives heady does of iron. It is good for your eyes, gut and palate.

Moringa leaves - The market is abundant with supplements of this nutrient dense leaf. Enjoy it in its natural glory and take advantage of its cholesterol lowering and diabetes maintaining properties.

Spinach - This universally loved leafy green not only gave Popeye his strong muscles but also provided him with calcium, iron , vitamin c and A. I make a delicious spinach and coconut soup to keep me warm in the winters.

Fenugreek leaves- Another winter delight is the fresh fenugreek leaves that you get at this time of the year. This blood sugar controlling veggie will not only add iron but also an earthy umami flavour to your meals.

Coriander- You are probably wondering why I am including this condiment that you probably eat year round. This often forgotten leafy green is of best quality in this season. Add it to your chutneys, sprinkle over your poriyals or blend into your morning juice to get your fix of iron and antioxidants.

Colocasia - In Maharashtra one makes a mouth-watering winter delicacy called alu-vadi. Made up of rolled and steamed colocasia leaves, it's an absolute treat. By including it in your meals you will be adding Vitamin A, C and fibre.

Now that you are all caught up with the winter greens, there is really no excuse of monotony when you have such a large array of greens to include in your meals. So, let thy green be thy medicine and your medicine be thy green.

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