Food for healthier lifestyle

Food for healthier lifestyle

Though many foods are naturally anti-inflammatory, antioxidants found in foods protect your cells from the effects of free radicals and can help reduce an overabundance of inflammation in your body

The pandemic has made us realise that a healthier lifestyle is the only way ahead for us ladies. My easiest guide to good health and immunity is the all-star antioxidants sources. Read my easy-to-add-on common Indian foods that destroy immunity lowering free radicals.

Key Antioxidants in the All-Star Antioxidant team:


This team player of Vitamin A family. Not only does it do wonders for hair, skin and eye health but also a strong anti-oxidant. Keep a watch for green, yellow, orange colored produce. Add on coriander and curry leaves tiny in size but mighty warriors protecting you. My tip for absorbing nutrients better is by squeezing lemon onto leafy like spinach, dill, fenugreek etc. Plus include pumpkin and carrots. Grains like barley or sweet potato must be a part of your regular diet to get more of this anti-oxidant.


Another member of the Vitamin A family, this serves as a powerful antioxidant. Red colored produce falls under this category. Vegetables like tomatoes are your best source cooked even better. Include them in your vegetable's soups, Dals and grains. Fruits like watermelon and pink guavas can give your lycopene dose too.

Vitamin C

You main defense player, this antioxidant takes center stage for its immune boosting, iron absorption, protein digestion and wound healing functions. Indian foods have plenty choices Amla (highest), guava, lemon, citrus fruits, mangoes, papaya. Vegetables like tomato, drumstick, pumpkins, mixed peppers and green chilies all are Vitamin C sources. Don't forget to include starches like Potato, Sweet potato, orange yam.

Vitamin E

This essential antioxidant aids in cell repair and provides extra protection from free radical damage due to environmental sources. Don't skip out on Vitamin E foods like

whole grains, brown rice, peanuts, dry coconut, sunflower seeds and flaxseeds.


This mineral plays a multifunctional role in the body from immune boosting to supporting growth and development. Stock up on cashews, almonds, sunflower, sesame, pumpkin seeds, whole pulses, dals and sprouts to get in your zinc.


Not a commonly heard antioxidant but Selenium is an essential support for the immune system and maintaining heart health. Common pantry staples that can give you selenium are unpolished rice, whole grains, garlic, nuts, seeds, legumes, dals and whole pulses and dairy products.

Coenzyme Q10

An unheard but star player of the team, CoQ10 can help neutralize free radical damage and even prevent it. Local foods like peanuts and spinach provide this anti-oxidant. We are fortunate to have such a wide range of local and seasonal Indian produce that provide us with our all-star team of antioxidants. Eat them in balanced meals to be an all-star yourself.

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