Desire to lose weight: You can do lot more during coffee brakes

coffee breaks, use it efficiently and you would definitely some extra kilos of body weight.

coffee breaks, use it efficiently and you would definitely some extra kilos of body weight.


  • yes, you can do lot more during the coffee breaks at office than mere grabbing your favorite beverage
  • coffee breaks help reduce mental fatigues and boost the whole process of weight loss.

Some of the things you can do during the coffee brakes

1. Grab a black coffee

Coffee contains caffeine, a substance which function similar to stimulant, it helps supresses the appetite and it is popular as a beverage which enhances the metabolism and helps promote the fat burning. Additionally, the caffeine has got thermogenic properties, meaning it can help burn extra calories in the body. It is also packed with antioxidant but to reap all these weight loss boosting benefits, brew it black and skip sugar. You should milk, calorie-laden creamer and also limiting daily coffee intake to just 2 or 3 cups.

2. Plan your meal

The truth is when you know what meal you would be eating for lunch and dinner, that half the battle one. Most dieters fail because they do not know what to grab and when they are hungry and give into their temptations eventually. Use coffee breaks to plan even next day meals.

3. Do stretching exercises, sitting on the chair

Sitting is the new smoking, even if you workout for one hour at the gym every single day, spending most of the time glued to the chair at work will undo all those efforts. You would require continuously move and remain physically active to keep the fat-burning furnace inside the body active. Take mini strolls while talking on the phone. Do few stretches and light exercises to burn calories . you can do deskercise, chair dips, chair push ups, chair squats, knee ups are all different ways that you workout moving away from the chair.

4. Practise stress management

Chronic stress as well as high level of cortisol can really put a spoke in your weight loss wheel. Increased cortisol can help stimulate the appetite, leading to craving for high-calorie and comfort foods. Cortisol helps promote the storage of fat, especially around the abdominal area. It does this, by influencing the distribution of fat cells and helps promote the storage of visceral fat, which surrounds organs in the abdominal cavity. Practice stress management practices during coffee breaks, listen to music, do some HIIT exercise, or simply take a moment to take a moment to relax, deep breath and clear your mind.

5. Prepare for Gym

Few of us might head out to the gym directly from the office. Preparing in the office can play a significant role in motivating you to go to the gym in the evening. Use your office break to pack the gym bag with all the essential stuff including shoes gymn. Fill the water bottle and also plan your workout to avoid doing random exercise that would fetch little results. A packed gym bag would motivate you to hit the gym right after the office.

6. Hit the target 10,000 steps

The first step towards a fit as well as leaner body is get on your feet and take more steps and most expert recommend taking ten thousand steps or more through the day for that to happen. When the idea of hitting the gym and working out for hours together to lose weight does not seem do able options, there is an easiest way to say active and one can make sure you are burning calories and that is taking one step before another. You can burn lot of calories by walking ten thousand steps, you would be able to reduce around half a kg a week. Take strolls, walk up and down the stairs and just move about.

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