Keep your skin away from stress

Keep your skin away from stress

Keep your skin away from stress


Even if you're not wearing makeup or going out, your face still gathers sweat, sebum and dirt build up throughout the day

Staying at-home has resulted in a lot of stress for people – of being stuck indoors for week on end; the uncertainty has taken a toll on people's mental well-being. Stress cannot be hidden; it shows on your face. The first tell-tale signs reflect on your face as pale skin and mild eruptions on the surface.

Stress causes hormonal imbalance which leads to acne, rashes, hair thinning and fall, and various other skin break-outs. It is imperative that people follow good skin care routine while they're indoors. Staying inside does not necessarily mean you can forego or overlook skin and hair care. These are prone to more damage owing to stress. One should follow a strict, if not elaborate, skincare routine, which involves cleansing, toning and moisturising.

Dr. Geetanjali Shetty, Consultant Dermatologist and Cosmetologist on behalf of Cetaphil India shares most important of all, keep yourself hydrated with water and lots of liquid!

Side effects of Stress – Oily Skin & Acne

Acne and oily skin are the most common side effects of stress. When our body is stressed it releases cortisol which is our fight or flight hormone. The cortisol (stress hormone) weakens the skin's immune system, leading to oxidative (free radicals) stress, which manifests itself as wrinkles, lines and lack lustre skin. It also increases inflammation in the body and conditions like eczema, rosacea and psoriasis can flare up.


For skin, stress is quite evident in various forms like redness of skin, acne, etc. If there are skin breakouts and eruptions – it is better to avoid exfoliation and stick to cleansing your face thrice daily. Similarly, those with skin on the drier side should aim to wash their face only twice a day with a foaming cleanser. Should your skin need a little boost, indulging in Vitamin C to help combat the loss.

If you know you're about to enter a stressful period, try to make time for the activities that will help you feel calm and rested — your skin will thank you.

Home Remedies to fight acne

It is highly imperative to discover what one is getting exposed to and when. Stick to your skincare routine - cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturising, and keep a sunscreen handy for the times that you may have to make a quick dash to the grocers.

Even if you're not wearing makeup, your face still gathers sweat, sebum and dirt build up throughout the day.

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