14 Productive Hobbies: An opportunity to do what you love & bond with others.

Hobbies are great stress reliever, they help you take a break from your regular routine.

Hobbies are great stress reliever, they help you take a break from your regular routine.


  • Few hobbies have clear psychological benefits because they help increase heart rate and brain function
  • Hobbies are great way to socialize and help make new friends
  • Few hobbies help us tap into creative side

Hobbies takes us out of our everyday experience and offers us a chance to do something which we love and are passionate about. Engaging in a hobby can help us have a mental escape, it also help us to hone a skill or just offer an opportunity to socialize with others.

Hobbies are great way to disconnect from work and break away from the monotony of daily schedules. Also, it might seem daunting to add one more thing to your to do list, having a hobby has been shown to be a stress reliever.

1. Cooking

Cooking is one of the most productive hobbies out there and something which everyone must consider while trying their hand at.

Cooking forces you to be in the moment, focussing entirely on the product as well as processes at hand. It also forces you to plan ahead.

2. Hiking

Hiking is one of those quintessential weekend hobbies for individuals having a passion for long treks and experiencing the beauty of nature.

Studies have shown, as to how hiking can benefit our brains. They can also have beneficial effect upon your productivity, as hiking enables you to clear your mind as well as all worried and focus on the present and offer with exercise to improve physical fitness and stamina.

3. Painting

Painting enables you to tap into the thoughts, desires and feeling, swimming around in your head and it can help translate them into something physical.

Your painting might even inspire you to be more productive in the workplace, so go ahead and pick up a paintbrush.

4. Writing

One of the most productive hobbies is to write in the spare time. Writing is an incredible powerful and important form of self expression and it can help to channel your energies into something which you feel passionate about and in which you can pour your thoughts, dreams and desires.

Be it writing articles, plays, radio scripts, or diary entries, writing helps unlock your creative side and it helps you be as productive and healthy as possible.

5. Dancing

Dancing is not really considered to be hugely important hobby with regards to productivity. However, when you examine the hard work as well as dedication, it is undeniable in the art of dance, it begins to become clearer with regards to productivity merit.

6. Yoga

Yoga is one of the most productive hobbies, which you can fit into your schedule, it enables you to close off all the external thoughts and help focus entirely on your bodily practice.

You can focus strongly and single mindedly on improving your body as well as physical fitness and emotional and spiritual wellbeing and you would be well prepared and more productive for the future.

7. Meditating

Meditation is the best stress reliever, which helps to calm you thoughts as well as your emotions.

Meditation has great recharging capacity, it helps improve focus and memory. You would be energetic throughout the day just by making as little time as minutes a day to meditate.

8. Reading

Reading is one of the world's most popular pursuits and past times with good reason. There are many benefits of reading.

Reading research as well as studies about productivity, can in turn make you learn new habits, behaviours and patterns, which would make you be more effective with your time.

9. Gardening

Gardening is not only a pleasant and relaxing pastime, it is also a fantastic way to boost your productivity.

Gardening enables you to relax and unwind, conserving your energies for the frantic days ahead you might have. It also helps teaches you about managing different projects all at the same time.

10. Knitting

Knitting is usually considered to be something, which elderly as well as niche of Hollywood celebrities like doing.

Knitting is, aside from an enjoyable pastime and a way to craft a perfect gift for someone you love, it is a fantastic tool for enhancing productivity. It uses the same multi-tasking as well as planning skills, which a modern day workplace would utilise and promises a physical, tangible end product to your endeavours.

11. Woodwork

Woodwork is a surprisingly productive hobby due to the fact that, you have to focus hard on your singular vision of what you wish to build.

Constructing something on your own out of wood, whether is shelf, a spice rack or even something more complex or beautiful, can be wonderful boost to your self esteem and building yourself the materials you require to help make your life easier, in turn will make you more productive and happier as result.

12. Acting

Treading the boards at your local dramatic venue might not seem like the sure way to enhance your productivity muscles, but acting as a productive hobby is not be sniffed at.

Acting forces you to reawaken those memorization abilities you might have previously otherwise forgotten, and awakens creative talents such as improvisation and the ability to think on your in a crisis. Making you calmer under pressure and more productive and competent as a result.

13. Swimming

Swimming is a relaxing, strengthening and an extremely positive and healthy way of exercising. It is also beneficial way of becoming more productive.

Swimming can help channel all your worries into something productive, clear the mind for most positive action and thoughts and it can make you feel more energized leaving the pool after a heaty workout.

Swimming has been shown to have numerous physiological as well as psychological health benefits, hence there is no reason not to head to your local pool.

14. Day Dreaming

Last one, technically, it may not be considered as an hobby, but it still has plenty of benefits when practiced regularly and it would make you more productive if used correctly.

Day dreaming awakens your creative side and enable you to explore idea that you neve even considered even ideas that might just prove to be the solution you have been after.

If day dreaming leads to napping, that even better, studies have shown that quick 20 minutes nap in the afternoon can help provide clarity, memory retention and help make you even more focussed and productive with your batteries recharged.

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