Kumaraswamy Makes Startling Claims

Kumaraswamy Makes Startling Claims

Says ‘Powerful’ Minister Seeks BJP Shelter

Hassan: The Former Karnataka Chief Minister and current State JDS President, H D Kumaraswamy, has made startling revelations, asserting that a 'powerful' minister from Siddaramaiah's cabinet is engaged in talks with BJP leaders. The minister allegedly aims to defect along with 50 to 60 Congress MLAs to evade scrutiny amid burgeoning scams.

Addressing a press conference in Hassan on Sunday, Kumaraswamy refrained from disclosing the minister's identity, opting to keep the political suspense alive. Responding to questions about the prediction by Nonavinakere Swamiji foreseeing Deputy Chief Minister D K Shivakumar as the state’s chief minister, Kumaraswamy underscored the internal strife within the Congress, citing instances of dissent by senior leader B K Hariprasad and others.

"The Congress government is dealing with several internal revolts. It will collapse anytime soon," remarked Kumaraswamy, who joined the BJP-led NDA recently.

While divulging the minister's purported attempts to navigate out of impending scandals, Kumaraswamy revealed, "I have sources who told me that this minister is trying to abandon Congress and join the BJP with 50 to 60 MLAs." Despite persistent questioning, he refused to disclose the minister's name or the identity of his informant.

In a cryptic statement, Kumaraswamy remarked, "A small leader cannot do this. A leader who is powerful enough can perform such a task."

Highlighting the unpredictable nature of contemporary politics, Kumaraswamy drew parallels with the political landscape in Maharashtra, where leaders switched allegiances, causing significant shifts in power dynamics. Expressing scepticism about loyalty and honesty in politics, he lamented the current state of affairs.

Responding to B K Hariprasad's criticism of the chief minister, Kumaraswamy defended him as an honest Congress leader, asserting that many others share similar sentiments. He claimed to possess reliable information suggesting that influential individuals are willing to compromise integrity for political longevity.

While acknowledging the positive impact of the Shakti scheme offering free travel to women in government buses, Kumaraswamy raised concerns about the financial feasibility, questioning the state transport undertakings' precarious financial situation. He further criticised the government's allocation of Rs. 10,000 crore to Muslims, emphasising the neglect faced by farmers grappling with dire circumstances.

In a final declaration for the day, Kumaraswamy threatened to embark on a padayatra from Arsikere to Tumkur post the ongoing legislature session in Belagavi, demanding justice for copra farmers whom he claimed were neglected by the Congress government.

Considering these claims, the political landscape in Karnataka appears poised for further turbulence as these developments unfold.

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