Unleashing charisma

Unleashing charisma

Unleashing charisma


Charisma is an innate ability to attract, charm, and influence people around you

Charisma is an innate ability to attract, charm, and influence people around you. Many factors go into making one charismatic. Confidence, personality, enthusiasm, positivity, good body language, and a deep voice are some of the factors that add up to one's charismatic outlook. Some with magnetic personalities add a spark with their presence and assertiveness during interactions.

To exemplify, charisma is an innate striking element of some of the most powerful business leaders, stars, politicians, & social figures. The element of charisma has a powerful effect on people who look upto the above personalities. Charisma can help rouse followers and employees in reaching definite goals. People with high emotional intelligence who exhibit an interest in others are often said to be highly charismatic.

Some people have a gifted personality full of exuberance and charm from a young age. For some connecting with others is a constraint. Skillsets have to be developed be it communication skills or interpersonal skillsets, non verbal signals enhancing good facial expression, public speaking, motivation, confidence, and mindfulness.

Qualities required to influence those around you. It could be in your personality or even the work you do.To exemplify, charismatic people have a vibrant presence in a room, have the ability to influence people, know how to lead a group.In a group where one will take the lead, a charismatic one would be the one to step forward. People generally gravitate towards them in a crowd andthey are influential and powerful.

Developing charismatic presence:

Being in the Present

♦ Great conversationalists

♦ Being comfortable

♦ Good eye contact while talking

♦ Ability to question

♦ Enhance likeability factor

♦ Bind teams and people together

♦ Be a cheerleader

Deep dive to assess your charismatic quotient:

♦ Strong presence in a room

♦ Ability to influence people

♦ Can lead a group

♦ Make people comfortable

♦ Smile often

♦ Get along with anyone

One can sense charismatic people in a room or gathering. They draw attention, energize, inspire and motivate you. Some traits that can be developed to attract and inspire those around you. Here's a list of traits to develop on:


Full of spark and enthusiasm with a strong passion triggers powerful emotions in those around them.

Instill confidence

Enhance your charisma by working on your insecurities in favour of celebrating your strengths. Share your confidence with others so they feel stronger in your presence.

Have conviction

Conviction in regular actions influence others to follow you. Dedicated followers add to the energy from a charismatic leader.

Great storytellers

Enhance your charisma by learning to craft and tell meaningful, emotional stories. Practice the arts of humour, metaphor, and symbolism so you can entertain while you inform.


People connect with others as they find strong, positive emotions. One can enhance charisma by focusing all energy and attention on the person.

Today with rise in social demands which include several skillsets, encompassing a powerful charisma adds value to ones popularity. Being charismatic is both novel and inhibited. One has to work consistently to stand apart by mastering key skills that maketh in having a charismatic personality.

Grooming for students and young professionals can start from the foundation stage. This will gear them up to tone up their personality along with other required skills. Imparting training for students can begin early so that they emerge confident and are focused. For employees, training can be given at workstations so that they are prepared to meet the demands at the workplace. Enhancing skillsets at work will make them competitive in meeting challenges. Today, one has to focus on having a well rounded personality which is a getaway to new opportunities and greener pastures.

Charisma adds spark to ones personality. With good communication skills, empathy, emotional intelligence, tone, personality, demeanour one gains an advantage in social interactions. Popularity will be on the rise and one starts having fan following. A consistent approach in toning up skills in demand will help you gain an edge.

Charisma is both an innate and external trait that is developed and polished at every stage. If one wants a charismatic personality, it is therefore necessary to work on key skills which make a charismatic personality. Charismatic people are the most sought after ones, if you wish to be recognized, be part of teams where your charismatic personality is cherished alongside your skillsets.

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