The art of storytelling: India way

The art of storytelling: India way

The art of storytelling: India way


Story-telling is an art. Just as art is for art's sake; so is story-form.Whether the story is 'bout an incident, community, group, people, culture,...

Story-telling is an art. Just as art is for art's sake; so is story-form.

Whether the story is 'bout an incident, community, group, people, culture, enterprise, the young or old alike and it's people, the form is the same, it takes shape based on the principle of coryllium. This principle varies from instance to instance; persona to persona; and the most important concept of duality which is in practice vehemently in these times of opposites or contrasts. Time has an important lesson for all of us as the story telling varies based on the principle of time.

Today if we wish to collate a story based on the above principles of thought, it's indeed a difficult exercise. We neither understand the past, fail to live in the moment with an unprecedented and unrealistic basis of approach in to the future perspective. Why?

In a nutshell, The India Story has always amazed all across the globe. Be it it's rich culture or tradition, ethos of the motherland, epitomising the true essence which is the ultimate pinnacle of renunciation and bonding, the Ganga story, fabric forms of Varanasi or Banares, political lineage, stalwarts of sabhas, food across various states, religious darshan's of prominence like Shirdi, Tirupati, Banares or Udupi, rich flavour of Sanskrit or Sanskriti, Sadhgurus, Vedas or puranas and many more.

Whether it's an institution or people or any other vertical, story forms emerge and take place based on most of the above elements and a few more. Only when the above factors are in complete sync with one another, the story is complete. This applies to a family whether it's a nuclear or joint one but which has emerged from the same source.

People or the culture of Institutions hold a special place in the hearts of people. Why? Most times the real success stories though not in reality are not made of success but are just a set of failures all through the journey make them a beacon of success at the fag end of the journey or the key milestone which becomes a hallmark of achievement.

Today's generational young are in a so called paradigm shift mode of a new age lifestyle viz racing age. The trend has reversed. We find more of CEO's & Founders than anyone at a nascent stage of the learning curve. Most times when we question the youth on the experience or perks or for that matter assess the latent learning techniques they picked up during the course of study to the jobs they choose, majority are still struggling to fit in; while the rest have no aspiration of the skillsets they possess or are they comfortable in pacing up in a job.

Whether it's s study program or fresh job or an art or sport, there's something called a process or timeline to qualify and then be an authority at a secondary level. This age of competency has gone beyond the fine line of healthy but taken a disastrous turn where all players are competing against one another, with no holds barred as the dictum goes win or fall by the way side just to emerge more competitive. The vicissitudes of a healthy competition are waning and the morale of the players is hit hard.

Competition is definitely a hard fought contest where the best player must win over the best and win or fall by the wayside. It is said by the experts that it is not money, name, fame that count in the long run, life assesses us most times by the path we choose, the way we play our role, our integrity, the compromises we make to see through a situation of challenge as tough paths encounter us. Isn't it high time we ponder?

The most inspiring brands in India were built by the able learners of yesteryears who built the nations enterprises with feet planted on the ground coupled with dedication and integrity. This paved the way ahead for a new age economy.

To exemplify some solid examples of conglomerates and their enterprises, to exemplify Brand Amul, Founded by Veteran Verghese Kurian in Gujarat, this iconic brand set a trend with unique concept where the one point messaging was an instant hit alongside the brand icon the Amul Girl where the connectivity was a huge runaway success. Being the brainchild of the genius himself has benchmarked for its novelty.

In the educational wing, an institution of repute making a mark is MICA set up by Late AG Krishnamurthy founder of Mudra Communications as well. A distinguished stalwart and educationist, reformed the new media industry with MICA being well received by the younger generation. Paving the way forward with the demands and expectations of the younger lot, AG set the ball rolling making him the most sought after professional in the industry as well. This led Mudra to be a runaway success.

When we look at the ideologies of the political culture of our country, each as it's own story essence, so also each party has a striking chord for its constituents. Congress known for its rich legacy; BJP for Hindutva, Statesmanship & Able Leadership; Left & Right Wings for the corollary nature, Local flavours across the north, south, east & west for their geometric functioning apart from strong envisionary state of being.

Some momentum claims which reformed the south states was the dynamism of Late Dr YSR; amazing ground footing initiatives way through Janmabhoomi, Shrama Daanam; Rhytu Sadasu were the brainchild of Shri (NCR) Nara Chandrababu Naidu who reformed the trajectory AP & Telangana with real bold programs which were received well by the common man.

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