Self taught graphic designer starts his own venture

Self taught graphic designer starts his own venture

Self taught graphic designer starts his own venture


Meet this 25-year-old self-taught graphic designer Karan Shah runs his own creative branding and design agency 8FX in Hyderabad

Meet this 25-year-old self-taught graphic designer Karan Shah runs his own creative branding and design agency 8FX in Hyderabad. It was in 2017 that he thought of VioletDB and executed the idea just before the lockdown was announced.

Karan has also worked with various film production houses and is a design consultant for Aha, an OTT app. What VioletDB is all about "Basically, in 2010, I just announced on social media that I will be offering my graphic designing services, including logo design and all of that, for free.

I learnt a lot and then started charging a nominal fee. Then, I launched 8FX in August 2014, I was able to survive because of the skills I learnt online and realised that there is a need for such a teaching." says Karan and that's exactly how VioletDB was also born one month before the lockdown.

From the basics of design to web designing workshops, the TEDx speaker has taught at least 300 students so far through VioletDB. Now, his goal is to work on pre-recorded videos so that the classes are not a strain on him.

"Whatever I have learnt, I have learnt on my own by trying and failing and trying again," he adde. He is the alumnus of IACG Multimedia College, Hyderabad, did his Bachelor's in Visual Effects.

After his class X, Karan took classes via Skype, the video-conferencing app, and last year as well he conducted an offline workshop to understand his own style better. Now, he offers four different courses via VioletDB and the key is to provide it at affordable rates.

"Even during work, I believe that understanding is much more important than money and I apply the same principle while teaching," he says . While all the classes happen on Zoom, follow-ups and doubts are taken care of seamlessly as well.

Not just this, these are certified courses as well. Karan, who has been a mentor for various start-ups, is running a one-man show — developing the curriculum and delivering it as well.

The plus is that you get a lot of additional benefits. Take for example the Design Basics and Creative Tools course, you'll get cheat sheets for social media designs, 30 social media templates and so much more. So, are you ready to learn the new way?


WordPress Workshop: You will get premium themes and Plugin downloads, WordPress Resource Packs and more

♦ Photoshop Workshop: 100 plus downloadable resource packs, premium fonts and graphic PSDs and so on

♦ Social Media Marketing: Various case studies for the Indian market, 30 social media editable PPT templates. For more on it, check out

Violet DB charging up the entrepreneurs of today for tomorrow

On Thursday, 1500+ people graduated from a 10 day free online programme that has enabled them to upskill and be the internet entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

They are business consultants, entrepreneurs, software professionals, students from highly esteemed educational institutions and many more.

Run entirely online, the workshop is run by Violet DB. The programme is done in collaboration between Digital Connect and 8FX with support from the Supar Foundation, a not for profit organisation focussed on skill development.

"With the pandemic in full swing, more and more businesses are moving online. This has created a surge in the demand for skills capable of handling the digital needs of these businesses. That has been our foundational focus from the beginning" Says Nikeelu Gunda, Founder of Digital Connect. Nikeelu Gunda has been in the marketing game for over 5 years and has even worked with the Government of Telangana.

"Our curriculum is tailored to teach the students everything they need to design, develop and market their services through websites and digital marketing. The course will take the students from the very foundational basics to the stage where they can handle themselves" Says Karan Shah, the founder of 8FX.

Karan has been running 8FX for 6 years and has been in the designing game for over 10 years. He has been a design consultant for many large media houses. For the next workshop visit

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