Rediscovering ourselves: Essence of self-development

Rediscovering ourselves: Essence of self-development

Rediscovering ourselves: Essence of self-development


When self-development is pursued an innate level of joy, happiness and a desire of accomplishment makes it complete

When self-development is pursued an innate level of joy, happiness and a desire of accomplishment makes it complete. Most success factors are attributed to enhancing one's key potential in the overall development of one's growth. This applies to both personal and professional life. Inquisitiveness, passion, interest in people and situations, helps in better awareness & improvement of oneself & its environment. Experiences come both in positive and negative ways; accepting what comes by makes one more humane and mature. The challenge lies in making things happen. One has to recognise the true potential of oneself thereby contributing to make a life commitment in realising personal greatness by being a living legend.

What makes a legend? Some of the ingredients that work to one's advantage are the pursuit of passion, hard and smart work, building each gifted talent in realising one's ambitions, take on challenges and never be disappointed if hardships come one's way, and guidance from mentors and well wishers.

Factors contributing to self development

Self-awareness: We need to identify our own thoughts, values, beliefs, and our true purpose and calling. When we pursue our dreams a sense of real happiness prevails. Joy and happiness abound. When we start attributing our mission our purpose becomes greater in importance; the rest of the factors including people, things become less important. We must understand the real life experiences which have an intricate meaning & solid impact on our personalities. This makes one better with every passing day. Once you develop a hindsight you start making better choices on all fronts towards self enhancement and overall development.


Having a sense of inquisitiveness helps in sailing through various possibilities which we need to explore. Working passionately with betterment of professional and personal goals should be of paramount importance. Inquisitiveness is a major boost and keeps one's weaknesses at a distance. It helps you to scale and broaden your horizons. An unusual boost of energy bounces in everything you do to take it to the next level. Creating and making opportunities for one's advancement becomes easy. All limitations are waned out with a new sense of perspective and direction. Growth begets growth; development begets development; & success with success.

Clear Direction

Having a sense of direction in your pathway, becomes easier for you to set goals. Both long and short term goals are required to reach objectives. One becomes focussed and there's clarity. A sense of commitment comes with every goal in realising the objective. One should not entertain any doubt which hampers the growth factor.


By prioritizing, we create a sense of urgency in trying to accomplish things. A good mindset to achieve and keep rolling things makes the goal more attainable. One starts creating something different from the routine. We become clearer of our key aspirations by working to attain our goals.


Life is full of challenges, the key is to accept the same and work through the challenging path that opens up new vistas. Resilience makes you strong as each challenge that you are faced, makes you strong and look up to the future with a new perspective. One has to keep moving forward with a fresh bent of mind. All experiences make one stronger, more mature, broadens your thinking, with a new emerging you ready to face new challenges and frontiers of the future.


Connections enhance or drain your growth.Choosing people wisely can save a lot of grace. Some bring out the negatives while others enhance and have a positive impact on your life. When you develop your personal or professional growth, you are better able to realize which one is worth keeping and which ones to avoid. One has to make a commitment to invest in one's own treasure – oneself.

According to Krishna Prasad, an IT professional with an educational background in Food Processing, self-development is identifying a mentor or trainer for skill upgradation & improvement of the skill sets for overall development. As also building relationships with people and giving online training which enhance my scope of both personal and professional development. Being supportive on all fronts is the foremost quality I admire most in my parents. My hobbies include working out in the gym & listening to music. My role model is my Father as he came up the hard way and is an example to emulate. My aim in life is to be an Entrepreneur (Organic Farming).

The greatest achievers are well aware that the key source of investment in all walks of life is on themselves by managing people and situations and enhancing the scope of one's own self development. Those who are extremely gifted and talented have some special traits. Be it time management, people skills, being resourceful, gift of the gab, making use of all skillsets they possess, utilising every opportunity that comes their way, working practically with enthusiasm and zeal on their dreams in realising them by making it a reality.

Self-development can start from schooling. Once students are clear of their ambitions, training can be bestowed on them on various social skills way through latent training in the techniques which add on to their personality by enhancing self development. Be it personality or public speaking, communication techniques, leadership skills, creating personal impact can be reflected in the students & young budding professionals. At the professional level, both personal and professional development are key drivers to an employees growth. An engaged enterprising employee works on enhancing various skill sets to be a changemaker. By being a role model, one inspires others and is an inspiration to others. Competition is a hard fought contest, with no holds barred, where the best must measure themselves against the best and win the game of life.

Some reflections

Speak less than you know.

♥ Do wrong to none.

♥ No legacy is so rich as honesty.

♥ Be true to your own self.

♥ Expectation is the root of all heartache.

Self development ensures you are a good potential candidate to win the race of life. Pursuits must be taken up passionately, be it in realising personal or professional ambitions leading to overall development. Once you are confident of enhanced growth and development, you develop and emerge as a new confident person. This marks the beginning of a new confident you, making you to be the best version of you.

Our paradigm shift in our thinking can make things & situations with people better. Let's be positive and generate positivity: nothing is as good or as bad, but it's our thinking which needs to be addressed. Most times the wrong ones - circumstances or petty people give the right lessons in life. To be or become great, begins with but on wrong notes or polluted people. Knowledge is a new add on dimension in our innate reflection of our immediate environments - external or internal. Words are easy, like the wind; Faithful friends are hard to find. Lets choose wisely. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.

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