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Edutech first in class will provide K to 12 high quality curated content in line with CBSE-NCERT curricula

E dutech Start-up 'First In Class Free Education Platform is a leading provider of world class educational equipment, digital learning solutions and services for academic institutions, corporates and government initiatives. Aishwarya Sharma, Founder of First In Class, spoke about the importance of this platform with Bizz Buzz.

Can you give us brief information about the MoU?

The MoU was signed at the Rotary International Presidential Conference India 2022 which was held in Hyderabad on 30 April. This MoU was signed between RILM Chairman Kamal Sanghvi and iTV Network Founder Kartikeya Sharma.

This MoU is an organised effort to tell the Rotary and corporate world that we are ready to educate one lakh deserving children.

What is the motivation behind Edutech First In Class?

The motivating force behind First In Class is all for learning, learning for all. India's first and only Edutech platform in which the cause of social justice is the core value. This is the kind of positive, trailblazing disruption and pioneering effort that can truly revolutionise how edutech is delivered, perceived and implemented in India.

What are the other learning platforms available on Edutech First In Class?

Cultural learning, language learning, linguistic training and spiritual learning modules will also be available through the First In Class platform. For higher education, entrance test modules and specialisation in UPSC, Law and Engineering are also on offer.

How is the coursework structured?

The coursework is structured and curated by some of the best educationists in the country in line with the CBSE NCERT curriculum. Crucially, it is being offered in Hindi, English and many regional languages to ensure inclusivity and mother tongue learning. All of this is the fruit of years of research and hard-graft to create content using the latest pedagogical techniques to ensure students benefit from holistic learning.

Is the government supporting digital learning?

The government is keen to promote digital learning. In this context, RILM already has an MoU with NCERT to provide E-learning content.

In this New Year, in line with public priority in vocational training, First In Class in collaboration with RILM will create content for vocational education for higher classes.

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