Embracing change

Embracing change

Embracing change


Change is bound to happen at all times in life

Change is bound to happen at all times in life. The proportion with which it happens affects major soul stirring decisions we make in both our professional and personal lives. In Spite of planning, we have to encounter the factor of change and be prepared to accept. So how do we go about accepting change and chalk out right perspectives to sail through uncharted territories. Building a sense of acceptance along with resilience and forward thinking, we should navigate the path ahead. Looking at things from all angles broadens our horizons and we stay matured. This way we are more deft at handling things and people.

Accepting change is the first thing to a matured and rationale approach. Decisions shouldn't be taken when experiencing strong emotions, most times one will not take the right decisions. In excessive happiness or sadness, postpone on taking concrete decisions. Thinking rationally matters as it affects immediate family and professional work. One can take support or seek help from close associates for good mentoring and right decisions in sensitive times. Good advice comes which helps in taking control of the situations.

Focussing on the issue by countering the problem area by accepting challenges of any magnitude, will reduce the intensity of a problem area. Analysing problem areas from the past and reworking on solving them, approaching people who are practical and matured to guide you way up, and defocusing on the challenge that may affect your well being by taking preventive measures will pep up the problems. Staying positive in negative situations enhances positivity. It builds our energy way up.

Challenges of any magnitude test our sense of resilience. If we are strong internally, we can learn to counter any amount of negativity. Being positive, good matured perspectives, acting on time, working on any preventive eventualities with a plan or approach, understanding the dynamics of perspectives or points of view are an add on in any situation. Having a right mindset will do wonders. Practicing gratitude and being thankful will improve relations. Crisis management will help in addressing unexpected eventualities with good measurable solutions.

Many a unexpected challenges are encountered. How do we manage when confronted with a job loss, death in a family or incidents which break us down. It's difficult to accept but we need to move on with a right frame of mind by developing acceptance and building resilience. Even in the most devastating situations, having a right perspective will make the path smoother as we act with maturity and understanding.

Being prepared with change and getting ready for the next challenge makes you bold, by being adaptable we are more open to change which opens up new vistas, enhances our personal growth and development. As change is inevitable in life, we need to accept the reality and act before any eventuality happens. By countering the situations, we solve half the problem.

Though change is bound to be normal, we need to understand the dimensions of change and address them. Fear phobia, negative thinking, wrong decisions worsen the situation; accepting change and being prepared for any eventualities, may reduce the uncertainties. Instead of brooding over changed circumstances, doing a forward planning will do wonders. Great challenges opens new doors, it may be frightful, but accepting them makes one strong with a new destination opening up.

Embracing change smoothens the process of pathways we choose. By working on several factors which enhance our think-tank approach in choosing the right path, we become more confident of our chosen approach. It reduces our stress, provides a clear cut direction, right perspective with a more matured thinking, improves relations & one starts living in a more contended way. As it opens up new paths, vistas, new experiences and people, a new dimension crops up in every aspect of one's life.

Embrace change and welcome new experiences. The past is just a reflection; the future is uncertain; and living in the present with an embraced changed outlook both in perspective and action, is a welcome opportunity to live a full cherished life.

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