Culture of curiosity

Culture of curiosity

Culture of curiosity


Curiosity according to Latin word cura may be defined as being caring. It has various dimensions in varied situations as we deal with people and face many complex situations.

Curiosity according to Latin word cura may be defined as being caring. It has various dimensions in varied situations as we deal with people and face many complex situations. With an innate curiosity quotient, we can make things happen, learn even more, turn complex situations to our advantage, win people and be of value. Curiosity builds bonds for a lifetime. It's a value differentiator which makes things work in complicated situations.

When things don't add up, it's necessary to decipher what works in a particular situation to move ahead. Knowingly or unknowingly we tend to discover during the process things which could probably add meaning and keep us moving forward. What we could find during the process is a sense of curiosity in everything. When questioned too often, we direct ourselves toward a sense of innate curiosity.

In corporate life, organisations using curiosity as an initiative, create a culture of curiosity and innovation with a strong sense of belonging and inclusiveness. Leadership, innovation, CRM or techniques for good team building, decision making and creating professional and personal impact are a few to name. Conducting workshops for organizations in various streams, definingobjectives with measurable results, and an innate questioning of the process will enhance the curiosity quotient. The point to note is there is a lot of difference between being judgemental or just critical, most times it's an element of curiosity.

Most times in personal and professional situations, we encounter instances where people pass us off as being judgemental but in reality it's a curiosity element. As perspectives vary, respecting the point of view of others is paramount. This enhances the curiosity drive further by taking care of any lapses in information sources. We need to become more aware, look at things from others perspective, get to know things and people wholly for better results. Is innovation meeting its set target? What's the growth component like? Are we future ready and meeting all expectations? If we don't take stock of situations, disruptiveness will lead the way ahead.

As our awareness levels shoot up, we become more conscious with the flow. It gives rise to a heightened activity in our immediate spheres. Better focus, greater understanding, clear perspective with a future friendly approach on all fronts are the key takeaways for being simply curious.

When a heightened stake of interest, driven by elements of passion and drive, generates measurable results in all spheres of activity, it reflects one's level of curiosity. Be it at work or other spheres,applying high levels of curiosity gives results that enhance the working of an individual. Curiosity drives one to win through complex situations. It's a potential avenue towards experiencing people and situations from a different approach. Being a good leader, making smart bold decisions, greater influencing, smart leadership, and building curious teams. Curiosity can be an asset if put to good use at work which is a direction by itself. This would be a leapfrog in mind mapping in organisations to achieve targeted goals with a smart way of working.

How does curiosity work and what needs to be done to get things done in a smarter way. How does this element of curiosity be tapped for great results? Curiosity can be adopted in various spheres of our lives. Be it business collaboration, creative problem solving, leadership, personal development, mindset mapping, challenges, & the varied questions & answers we generate with a close ended focus on perspectives. Curiosity mindset & being a differentiator is crucial for any business person to make the business a success. Having the right mindset with a curiosity drive makes all the more difference.

Building curiosity takes time and needs a lot of patience. It triggers our our peak performance and drive. A certain amount of influence, innovation, problem solving techniques and reaching the sales targets are crucial in business. A sense of curiosity helps in achieving the most complex goals and winning tough people. Work Smarter, Not Harder is the dictum to be successful. Quality versus quantity will always win over. Having the right mindsets will see one through any complicated situation or people towards a win-win.

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