Civils Marathon - XVII: Last and final call

Civils Marathon - XVII: Last and final call

Civils Marathon - XVII: Last and final call


The makeup man preparing an artist for the stage performance gives a base colour on the face first and then after finishing the makeup gives a final touch to add glory.

The makeup man preparing an artist for the stage performance gives a base colour on the face first and then after finishing the makeup gives a final touch to add glory. Similarly the candidate appearing for the civils prelims has already prepared a base of information and finally for the victory point will give final touches. June 5th, 2022 is the D day. Out of the 3 to 4, 00, 00 candidates appearing for the prelims this year there may be four types of candidates. The first timers appearing on completion of 21 years or those who have just completed their graduation examination.

They are under full tension since they have never experienced it. The candidates appearing for third and fourth time or another category. Each one of them gives an explanation saying that he has just missed the bus with three or four marks in the last attempt. When the UPSC declares the cut-off mark then only he will be able to know how he faltered. The third category includes those who are attempting for the final attempt.

Do or Die is the slogan for them. The fourth category comprises of persons who missed the rank to get IAS. To improve their rank they are mentally prepared to win the game. They have already been allocated a service but their goal is to get IAS. The rule says if he got IAS with a cadre, he cannot attempt again.

Those who got IPS can again improve their rank. Of course there is another category who just wants to make the first attempt. They know that they are not fully equipped with the material which they have procured till the last minute. They are under the impression that they have still another five attempts and can easily get the rank. But don't lose a chance simply for the sake of fun.

At the examination hall

Candidates so far has the experience of writing conventional examinations at different levels - Intermediate and graduation. They are habituated for writing lengthy answers. Most of the candidates are trained by the coaching centres during intermediate level with a grinding machine. At the graduation level they prepare Notes and answers with the help of their teachers during the three or four year's course. There even if they get 40 marks they easily get the degree. The competition is less and no one is denied of the degree even with 35 marks or the pass marks. Here in civils the level playground is different. This is an objective type of examination. Time constraint is more important hurdle. Within 120 minutes he has to complete hundred questions. The sword of negative marking is hanging on the roof top of examination hall.

Don't hurry and worry

The game starts. Hundred questions and 120 minutes. How to manage. Have your own plan. Take a deep breath before you start reading the question paper. The first two questions may be of difficult nature. Don't get worried. You jump to the next question and on the rough sheet you can note down the correct answer A or B.

For each question you have to finish within a minute that means 60 seconds. To read the question and the answers given below may take more than 50 seconds. At times the complication in the answers may be difficult to digest and to find out the correct answer. Leave it. Go to the next one. In a hurry don't jump at the answer thinking that you are correct. At the end leave a minimum of 10 minutes for revision. Normally question papers are ready by

April 1st week or second week. So the current affairs questions will be up to 15th of April.

Sweating and vetting

This is the month of June when the examinations are conducted and the weather is very hot. Naturally your aspiration will get perspiration. Besides that your mind is full of tension and worried about your entrance to the mains examinations.

To get perfection it is necessary to vet the final material in any attempt. Brush your ideas and make a firm decision regarding the final answer. Even if you leave a question that doesn't matter. The normal cut-off mark will be for general candidates around 110 out of 200. That means to say even if a candidate can answer 55 questions he is assured of getting into mainstream.

Years and personalities

In the history part and freedom movement it is important to know the correct name of a person who led the movement and the year. During the Mogul period several rulers have established themselves as dynamic leaders. You know their contribution but have a doubt regarding the exact year. Since it is not an essay type question you cannot gamble with the answer by leaving the year. You may answer in a roundabout manner without specific mention of the year. Either you know it or you do not know it. Leave it if you're not confident.

Last minute preparation

During these 5 days the candidate has to refresh his mind with concrete information. It can be through his roommates are colleagues or coaching centres. Clear all your doubts subject wise and topic wise. Note down the hints on a piece of paper and carry it up to the examination hall to brush your knowledge. Don't get confused with collecting more information at the last moment. Have rest. Don't spoil your health by reading over night and get sleepy mood in the examination hall

Be prepared

Reach the examination hall well in advance in view of the traffic problems at the centres. Take all necessary documents required for the submission to enter into the hall. Go through the instructions given on the first page of the question paper .Follow them strictly. Search your pockets before entering the hall so that by mistake you doesn't carry a piece of paper which may tantamount to copying.

Enter your roll number appropriately and check it once again. Check your question paper whether it contains all the papers correctly and the printing quality is good. Lady luck smiles when you are confident and thorough with the subject. Wish you all the best.

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