Addressing the gender gap

Addressing the gender gap

Addressing the gender gap


At the very outset, What do we understand by gender gap? How to bridge the gap? What are the solutions to address this most critical sensitive issue spanning a woman's place in the professional realm? Are Women being held back? How to Close the Gender Gap?

At the very outset, What do we understand by gender gap? How to bridge the gap? What are the solutions to address this most critical sensitive issue spanning a woman's place in the professional realm? Are Women being held back? How to Close the Gender Gap?

Women's career opportunities have always been minimalist. With positions open in all verticals, why is there still a gap? Educated well in all spheres, in India there exists a clear discrimination. We are in the end of 21st century, an age of merit, recognition, white and blue collared jobs, intelligentsia, more opportunities, prominence of women and so called women's liberation. Though jobs are available in all areas virtually the bitter issue is in reality the gap persists in complete wholesomeness.

Losing latent talent is a major hiccup which is leading us astray with a lot of doldrums. Our growth and productivity curve is going the asymmetric way leading to imbalance. Seniors are few in representation; younger ones fresh out of college have many a options which is a win because of the balance quotient. But in general, the imbalances have cropped up due to latent learning techniques and mismanagement in pooling the talent. This is a critical issue in the way of the growth component of majority specially the women-folk.

Women are emerging stronger because of multiple reasons. Stigmas, discrimination, emerging as a source of income to run and support families, by breaking the glass ceiling. Gender bias alongside hierarchical attorney in all areas is stealing away the so called pie that belongs to women solely.

Unless until the recruitment structure through employee retention in all structures public, private, central or govt is equally addressed with a major boost to the so called weaker sex though in principle women have emerged superior to men literally in all areas but are unrecognised with limited scope for growth. The onus lies in understanding the nuances of gender differences in careers, with majority not doing anything constructive to have a spl place for womenfolk.

Identifying latent talent, employee engagement, retention are crucial ingredients for the success factors of any organisation. This has to be transformed to reality and not remain a mere lip talk. So what is done to focus on enhancing the skillets and have a blueprint plan for women.

To get to the groove of the situation, let the government have think tanks promoting leadership in all areas, enhance opportunities to all uneducated, educated, entrepreneurs, and any entity that needs to scale up. Inequities in talent pooling lies in identifying right candidates, integration, hiring patterns, performance derivatives, good perks, elevation with having good performers.

When opportunities are limited, it does effects both the genders. We talk of a new emerging market, are we going for a consolidated balanced approach? There's a segment of imbalance in the key sectors because of the structural approach in engaging a cross sectional audience. Work ethos in India is just not gendered or stereotyped, there's a disharmony in the curve of employment.

Dichotomy of negations is causing a severe crisis in the HR management. With gendered severity, not many have the scope to shine and this reflects the institutions are positioned.

Today, we find the do called Public Sector units also called the Navratnas shutting shop, they have turned to sick units. Right people systems, good talent to keep an entity escalating up higher, culture and identity raking up the value system which is the foundation of successful conglomerates, authentic and value based leadership, coupled with exemplary CRM practices will keep the momentum upwards. Why are we not averting a crisis of this magnitude by having better systems, manpower, opportunities for all. Consistent evaluation of standards of performance, balancing power status denominations, may mellow down a collaborative growth.

With more Womenfolk at the centre stage of power, any harassments can be averted. Let organisations shun negativity, and practice the well being with a positive reinforcement. In the present Covid -19 era, there comes in the stigma of where companies need to be proactive on the culture identity to avert being labelled.

Our positions don't define us most times, with right measurable code of ethics and principles, we can leverage our influence quotient by being a change agent.

Collectively and collaboratively, with a fervour of equality and no gender bias, we can move to a more balanced liberal set up of functioning with due importance to women.

In a country, where women are worshiped, let's look at the well being of a woman by giving her the dignity and respect she deserves. Let every women be held up on a positive note with the core principles of value and integrity. Hail Women, Women - folk - more power to you.

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