KCR – The Embodiment Of A Great Leader And Statesman

KCR – The Embodiment Of A Great Leader And Statesman

Believes 'power is temporary and people will teach a fitting lesson' if leaders stray from their path

Those who listened to Telangana Chief Minister and President of Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) K Chandrashekar Rao's speech of eloquence, quoting extensively from state, national and international examples, at times referring to renowned publications as well as CAG report, while replying to the discussion on the 2023 Appropriation Bill in the State Legislative Assembly, amidst huge applause from the members, would certainly have had the privilege of witnessing the unique qualities of an 'embodiment of great leader and statesman par excellence' in KCR. He did not mince words when he pointed out his finger, enunciating hard facts with evidence-based data, citing several examples of successive and multiple aspects of the BJP-led union government's failures and accusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi of being responsible for all the regression in the country during the past eight-and-a-half years, propelling the country to a condition of total collapse. KCR said that this is the reason precisely for which BRS has come into existence in order to rectify these.

KCR expressed the firm confidence that BJP regime would see its end in 2024 and the BRS visualised 'Ab Ki Baar Kisan Sarkar' headed by it would come to power triumphantly. According to him, after the Bangladesh war, former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was hailed as invincible but people dethroned the Congress government and likewise, Modi's BJP regime would see its end. "Power is temporary and people will teach a fitting lesson with their votes," said KCR. Stating that in 2014 Lok Sabha polls, Modi won and Indian people lost, KCR said, that, 'I started BRS with an aim that people should win elections, and not parties. By electing the BRS government in Telangana, crores of poor and needy in the state have won by availing of Aasara pensions, free power to agriculture, uninterrupted power supply, Rythu Bandhu, Rythu Bhima, Dalit Bandhu, fee reimbursement, scholarships, Shaadi Mubarak, Kalyan Lakshmi, KCR Kits etc.

Despite a critic of Congress party and the governments headed by it, with exception of Nehru, KCR being a statesman leader did not hesitate to praise former Prime Minister of UPA-led government who achieved remarkable progress in several areas which were reduced steeply during Modi's regime. KCR in fact commenced his speech by thanking the opposition parties' members, referring to some of their valuable suggestions while participating in the discussion on Appropriation Bill. In a vibrant parliamentary democracy like that of India, this is the kind of relationship that should be maintained between the leader in power and the opposition. Similarly, the case with PM and CMs shall be based on the spirit of Cooperative Federalism. A statesmanlike political leader, that too of the stature of CM KCR, naturally adheres to it in true letter and spirit. When it comes to extending support, he does so, and, if it has to be differed, he does not hesitate. And that's the spirit. And that is KCR!!!

For instance, KCR referred to Jawaharlal Nehru and his good governance in comparison with successive Congress and BJP governments at the Centre which kept people in darkness. KCR said that Nehru as a freedom fighter went to jail and sacrificed everything of his. With the inner urge in him, after becoming Prime Minister he initiated and implemented Annual Plans and Five-year Plans and showed a way and plan to the country. He felt it as his responsibility. Those days the Planning Commission was seen with High Esteem. Today we need to question where we are travelling, where the country is heading towards, where it will land, and ultimately, what the goal of India is today.

It is unfortunate that some political leaders and even a few political analysts are critical of KCR for praising Manmohan Singh. Some even professed an alliance of BRS and Congress party! In fact, democracy pre-supposes that differences are to be issue-based. If certain policies initiated by the Centre – irrespective of the party in power – are in good faith and for the welfare of a major section of the society, then one should support them. This is precisely the reason why KCR supported the formation of NITI Aayog, GST, Demonetization, Pulwama issue etc., hoping that these would help the country and the states. Later, realising that these policies proved to be not in the interest of nation KCR started opposing. Similarly, KCR who has a clarity on issues opposed the Farm Bills tooth and nail.

KCR has a scientific approach in opposing certain economic and fiscal policies of the Modi government and will not politicise each and every action of the Centre for the mere sake of opposing it, as he is a firm believer in the true federal spirit. KCR will not hesitate for a minute to oppose any policy of the Centre that may be against the interests of the people, even if they were once supported by him. This idea of judging the issue on its merit is the beauty of parliamentary democracy.

KCR also upholds the Raj Dharma of keeping the welfare and interests of the state and country on the top of his agenda. This is, indeed, a rare quality among the contemporary political leadership in the country. To all those who witnessed CM KCR speaking on the Appropriation Bill, it was like his displaying another facet of his astuteness and political acumen and true democratic spirit both in letter and spirit. At the outset of his speech, he gave a clarion call to everyone desirous to be involved in the nation building activity and democratic process to think of having a detailed discussion on the strange circumstances prevailing in the country. Relating the Legislative Assembly to a sacred temple, KCR called for a detailed discussion by the members in the House. However, contrary to this, it is unfortunate that the State Assemblies and Parliament have deviated from this and the discussions in the houses concentrate on trivial issues. For instance, KCR said that at a time when country is in a very critical situation arising out of Adani affair, PM Modi's speech in Parliament was most disgusting.

KCR referred to the discrimination meted out to Telangana by the Union government in this year's budget and labelled it as the one that goes against the spirit of cooperative federalism. Comparing the performance of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh of UPA government, as reported in the book 'The Lost Decade' authored by a famous journalist 'Puja Mehra,' KCR said while there was a growth then, later during Modi's time it was a decline. Manmohan Singh, though, performed better than Modi, never boasted about his achievements whereas, despite the nation faring poorly across all sectors, the BJP government is making tall claims with false achievements.

KCR said the per capita income of a nation reveals the real story. Among 192 countries, India stood at 139th, and even Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka were ahead in terms of per capita income. The country regressed on several indicators during the eight-and-a-half years rule of Modi, asserted KCR. The worst ever fall of rupee is in the period of Modi only. Instead of debating these in Parliament, BJP unfortunately bulldozes members from opposition parties. Substantiating his charges further, KCR said during the Modi's regime, Indians are giving up the citizenship here and are seeking foreign citizenship, industrialists are running away, industries are being closed down, inflation is increasing and the development has come to a grinding halt. KCR said that Modi and BP won the elections twice and came to power but the people got defeated.

KCR cited the example of GSDP growth of Telangana which actually should have been Rs 16 lakh crores had the growth of India been on a par with Telangana performance or had the Prime Minister been Manmohan Singh, whereas it is restricted to Rs 13 lakh crore. This means because of Modi regime Telangana incurred a loss of Rs 3 lakh crores. Making a strong case for people of Telangana not to vote to BJP in the forthcoming elections, KCR cited the example of the State contributing 4.9% to the country's GDP and one of the feeding states in the country, and in spite of this, the Modi's BJP government did not sanction even one single medical college, which is ridiculous. Raising a question to Modi that, "why I am telling this?' KCR said that, 'only in the process of substantiating my argument that Telangana put to loss by three lakh crores of rupees, which is a high money and big money, because of the non-performing government at the Center."

At this juncture KCR quoted from the famous weekly magazine 'The Economist' published from London and has great credibility, and said that, "the parable of Adani, the humbling of a tycoon is a test for Indian Capitalism." The result is that global investors are thinking twice with utmost concern before going to India and confess that, "can you really afford to go to India or not. It is a third-class country."

KCR took a strong objection to not conducting Census which began way back in 1871 and the process went on uninterrupted even during World Wars, until 2011, and attributed it to Modi government's fear of people knowing the current situation like the percentage of BCs, SCs and STs and thereby possibilities of demanding adequate reservations. He said that for a planned governance and for a planned approach census is the basic input.

KCR in the capacity of President of BRS also outlined the valid reasons as to why Bharat Rashtra Samithi has been formed. He said after witnessing the state of affairs in the country and the inability of both Congress party and BJP to find a way out he is disgusted and decided to form BRS at the retiring age. He said that though he was born in Telangana he is an Indian and want the country's all-round development on the lines of Telangana and hence the essentiality of BRS government coming to power at the Centre.

Why BRS came into existence

Citing multiple failures of the BJP-led union government's failures and holding Prime Minister Narendra Modi for all the ills plaguing the country during the past eight-and-a-half years, propelling the country to a condition of total collapse, KCR said that this is the reason precisely for which BRS has come into existence in order to rectify them and establish Kisan Sarkar

Telangana an ideal state

2 BHK houses for poor, Aasara pensions, free power to agriculture, uninterrupted power supply, Rythu Bandhu, Rythu Bhima, Dalit Bandhu, fee reimbursement, scholarships, Shaadi Mubarak, Kalyan Lakshmi, KCR Kits etc., make the state a role model in the country

(The writer is Chief Public Relations Officer to Chief Minister Telangana).

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