KCR marching ahead to unfurl Pink Flag at Red Fort

KCR marching ahead to unfurl Pink Flag at Red Fort

Telangana Model as BRS National Agenda

Yes, it is exactly four years of Kalvakuntla Chandrashekhar Rao's most successful accomplishment in the office in second term,and eight and half years since formation of the state, as Chief Minister of Telangana. In this nascentbut extremely triumphanttwo terms, CM KCR in an inimitable style of his own, fashioned the first of its kind Telangana Welfare and Development Model with innumerable unique schemes and programs, benefiting each and every individual in the state in multiple ways. Thus, the KCR Model has left an indelible mark in the country and obviously, in the true essence of 'Telangana practices and the country follow in all spheres', the'Telangana Model' is being emulated by other states. Sooner or later, the Bharat Rashtra Samithi emerging on fast track in the National Political scenario, may incorporate the model in the proposed alternate National Development Agenda of KCR to benefit people across the country.

As a result of fourteen years of peaceful and conscious struggle, which was a true model of Gandhian non-violent agitation, under the leadership of KCR, Telangana State was formed on 2nd June 2014. When he took over as Chief Minister, KCR had to encountercountless problems, obstacles andhurdles, to place the state on right track. With his visionary foresight KCR turned Telangana into a prosperous, developed and role model state with people's welfare, progress, development and wellbeing as its central agenda. The State continues to make rapid strides in all sectors and is in the forefront in the country in several innovative schemes and programs.

The GSDP of Telangana despite non-cooperation from center, in 2021-22 at current prices is Rs 11, 48, 115 Crores. The per capita income during the same period is Rs 2, 75, 443 which by any standards is very high. Similarly, one of the indicators of the development of state or country is its per capita power consumption. Telangana State's per capita power consumption stands at 2126 units as against All India's average of 1255 units, which is more than 70%.

KCR defined, designed, developed, delivered and evaluated scheme after scheme and program after program, reviewing personally each one of them periodically with stakeholders involved. He himself was in the shoes of a professional Engineer when reengineering or redesigning of irrigation projects; an architect when new structures like Secretariat, Police Command Control Center, integrated Collector Complexes were conceived; a Vaastu and Agama exponent while renovating the famous Yadadri Temple; a professional medico when plans for improving Public Health were prepared; an economic expert when budgets were planned; an expert writer when statutory speeches were drafted; a legal expert when advising on legal matters; a literary figure while participating in meetings like World Telugu Conference; a seasoned faculty while conducting training sessions; a farmer while conceiving schemes on agricultureand in many more ways.

Above all CM KCR has been a characteristicPublic Administration Expert par excellence, in every aspect of POSDCORB functions, namely, Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing, Coordinating, Reporting, and Budgeting. POSDCORB was created in 1937 by members of USA President Roosevelt's administrative committee, Luther Gulick and Lyndall Urwick, the champions of classical approach to administration and organization.KCR's review meetings,often lasting for over ten hours and more,untired, where every word that he speaks is a message in it, KCR repeats all concisely but precisely at the end like a Ashthavadhani or Shatavadhani or Sahsravadhani. That is his power of memory and retrieval or capacity of Dharanalabeledso in Telugu literary meets.

It is by no means a small achievement for a State which was formed only eight and half years ago, to rebuild itself, rejuvenate, revitalize, revive, bounce back and achieve its aims and objectives. The dynamic leadership of Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao, his administrative skills, his visionary leadership and his innovative thinking made this possible. As a strong leader who led the separate Telangana state hood movement despite all odds, obstacles and difficulties, including resorting to fast unto death, KCR knew the problems, issues and strengths of the Telangana state.

Among many other schemes: The Dalit Bandhu Scheme conceived by KCR heralded a sea change in the lives of Dalits. The agriculture sector made rapid strides in development. Seeds and fertilizers are being distributed at subsidized rates. Rythu Bandhu, the investment support scheme for agriculture is benefiting lakhs of small and marginal farmers. Rythu Bhima, group life insurance scheme, provides an essential life line to agricultural house hold struck by tragedy. Farmers' loan waiver is another unique scheme. Rythu Vedikas help collective might of farmers.Re-organization of districts, new Panchayat Raj, Municipal and Revenue Acts are administrative reforms

Completion of Irrigation projects like Kaleshwaram;Alternate cropping for more sustainability and profits;Creating history as the only state, supplying uninterrupted quality power to all sectors including free power to farm sector;accelerating industrial growth to make Telangana as favored destination for investment through TS-I PASS (Telangana State Industrial Project Approval and Self Certification System); Facilitating establishing more than 1500 IT/ITES large and small companies; Strategic Road Development Plan that completely changed the complexion of Greater Hyderabad;Renovating Yadadri temple and attracting lakhs of pilgrims dailyetc.

Several schemes to support handloom workers; Better and quality medical services to the poor including KCR Kits, Basti Davakhanas, TIMS Super Specialty Hospitals, Palle Davakhanas, Diagnostic centers, Kanti Velugu program, health profile, a medical college in each districtetc.;Creation of basic infrastructure facilities in rural and urban areas through Palle Pragathi and Pattana Pragathi;Encouraging hereditary professions;Aasara Pensions, Kalyan Lakshmi, Shadi Mubarak, Residential Schools, two bed room houses, distribution of sheep, distribution of Batukamma sarees; Accelerated development of SCs, BCs, STs as well as women and minorities etc. Land Records updating and Dharani Portal were the heart of good governance. There is not even a single house in the state where no government scheme is not reaching.

KCR, a visionary that he is, had been implementing a plethora of out of the box thinking policies, programs and schemes. His innovative welfare schemes,overhauling of administration, replacing old and archaic Acts with new ones in tune with the present-day societal requirements, total transparency in administration and decentralization of power and responsibilities to local bodies, have all aimed at bringing in a radical and qualitative change in the governance.

Governance is a comprehensive and ever dynamic perception. Good Governance is epitomized by among other things: predictable open and enlightened policy making; sound, responsive and competent administration; respect to basic human rights and values; strengthened democratic institutions at all levels; effective institutional as well as structural framework; ensuring accountability and transparency etc. Good Governance and Governance with a difference in tune with peoples' needs and aspirations is what is being seen and felt in KCR led Telangana now. Long term planning along with short term and medium term which are essential, is precisely what has been happening in the state during the last eight and half years and specifically in the last four years. The statesmanship, vision, leadership qualities, commitment, decision making process through consensus, consultation and quality review methodology of Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao resulted in an astounding development and progress in the state.

Against this background, KCR has articulated the need for a sea-change in the country's political and development landscape. What is essentially required now, according to KCR, is that, on the lines of Telangana, India too need to be reinvented and reoriented to make it great. Accordingly, KCR gave an unequivocal call for 'BJP-Mukt Bharat' to protect the country from the harmful divisive forces and to restore the country back to its glorious past of secularist tradition. In tune with this, while launching BRS, KCR gave a slogan that 'Aab ki Baar, Kisan Sarkar' announcing of unfurling Pink Flag at Red Fort.

(KCR sworn in 2nd time as CM 4 years ago on December13)

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