Ram Temple to farmers agitation, opposition missiles misfire

Ram Temple to farmers agitation, opposition missiles misfire

A strong opposition is an imperative for a healthy democracy. But the current lot has only itself to blame. It lacks vision and drive, groping in the dark for answers. A myopic attitude makes their political pendulum swing from one extreme to the other – from Ram temple to caste census, from farmers’ agitation to MSP guarantee. All their moves keep misfiring

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Why are farmers protesting?

The farmers, who rode on tractors and trucks from Haryana and Punjab, said the Centre has failed to meet some of their key demands from the previous protests. In 2021, Prime Minister Narendra Modi repealed a set of agricultural laws that the protesting farmers said would hurt their incomes. They allege that the NDA government had failed to implement the promise of doubling farmers’ income and waiver of loans.

What are the demands?

The farmers are demanding legal guarantees of the minimum support price or MSP, which acts as a safety net for the farming community. But the NDA government says that it is not possible.

Farmers also ask for the withdrawal of cases registered during the last agitation in 2020-21. The Centre has agreed for this demand. Their list of demands includes pensions for farmers, loan waivers and withdrawal from World Trade Organisation. The farmers also insist that the government ensure at least 50 per cent profit over their overall cost of production.

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