Top slug: Today is Children’s Day

Top slug: Today is Children’s Day

The children of today will make the India of tomorrow

India celebrates Children’s Day on November 14th as a tribute to the nations first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, who was born this day in 1889. Nehru was fondly called as ‘Chacha Nehru.There is no documented reason for Nehru being called Chacha Nehru. However it is said that his love for children is the main reason for coining this term. Another popular version is that Nehru was a very close and trusted confidante of Mahatma Gandhi whom he considered his elder brother.

While Gandhiji was addressed as ‘Bapu’, Nehru came to be known as ‘Chacha’. He was well known for his love for kids.He was the Prime Minister of India between 1947 and 64.The proof of his love is the Children’s Film Society, India established by him in the year1955 to create indigenous cinema exclusively for kids. India started celebrating Children’s Day in 1959 on November 20th, designated by the U.N. Following Nehru's Death In 1964, May 27, it was unanimously decided to celebrate his day as ‘Bal Divas’ in the country due to his immense affection for children. Nehru strongly believed that children are the country’s greatest resource.

Like me, many born in 50’s and grew up in the 60's,have nostalgic memories of Childrens’ day celebrations of their school days. We were the children who grew up reading Nehru’s books on World History, Indian History and Letters from A Father to his Daughter Indira Gandhi.

He took office as the Prime Minister of India on August15, 1947 at 8.30 in the morning and his inaugural address titled ‘Tryst with Destiny’, gives goose to every- body even today.As school children we eagerly waited for this day because, we enjoyed total freedom from books being carried to school, free to wear colorful clothes of your choice and no restrictions on accessories that go with the dress.

The teachers entertained us with their talents in Fine Arts. We had freedom to roam around in the huge school campus and had the license for some mischief. If we crossed the limit, we were reprimanded the next day.Pocket money was never heard of but parents were generous on that day and doled out a rupee or two not to wonder if it was a 50 paisa coin too, to be spent in the school canteen which was run by teachers just for that day. But that was fun and a luxury to cherish life -long.Now too schools organize many different events for children.

Teachers plan out entertainment programmes of dance, music,games, small skits and mimicking some students. Some schools take their students to meet and spend time with the less privileged under privileged children. Such gestures are very welcoming as the children learn to share and accommodate every one from society. It instills a sense of equality among students.Nehru strongly believed that children are the country’s greatest resource. He always said that the children of today will lay the India of tomorrow. The way we bring them up will determine the future of the country.

Ahealthy and happy child represents a healthy and happy nation. A child loved today will spread the love tomorrow. Nurturing a child is like molding clay, all they need is gentle touch, love, care and lots of play. Pledge to be nice to every child we meet as each child is special, unique and precious. Never let the kid in yourself and the child die and make sure to take care of it whenever needed. Children are the blessings from heaven. Let us all thrive to make this world conducive and an enjoyable place to all these little angels.

Let all of us try to sustain the innocence in their smiles and the purity of their hearts.Teach the children how to think and act instead of what to think. A child can be a parent to us in three ways. It can tell us to be happy for no reason or rhyme and to keep ourselves always busy with something or the other. Teaches us that happiness is God of small things and how to demand what you want with all might.

As they grow up, unfortunately, their natural freedom is often overshadowed by teaching and behavior of elders. In the process of learning, though very important, they gradually forget the most important essence to be human and kind and playful. As you sow, so you reap, so be kind towards the children. Let them enjoy the sweetest and best period of life and enjoy Childrens’ Day. The love and care that we shower upon our children today irrespective of their social and economic status, will bloom as the fate of our country tomorrow. It’s their pure joy and their innocent smiles that keeps the world moving.

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