5 Data Science jobs

For representational purpose only

For representational purpose only


Along with the technical skills, these professionals are also required to have non-technical skills such as strong communication skills and strong business acumen.

Along with the technical skills, these professionals are also required to have non-technical skills such as strong communication skills and strong business acumen.

Average salary for a data scientist in India is ₹10.6 lakh per year. An experienced data scientist earns about ₹20 lakhs per annum.

Data Engineer

Data engineers create the foundation that data analysts and scientists build on. Data engineers can be considered as the backbone of a company as they are responsible for building, designing, and managing large databases. They are in charge of constructing data pipelines using complex tools and techniques to handle data at scale.

In a nutshell, a data engineer shares his insights with the company through data visualisation, which in turn help the business grow. Some of the technical and soft skills that a data engineer should possess to perform their responsibility efficiently and effectively are coding, data warehousing, knowledge of operating systems, database systems, data analysis, critical thinking skills, basic understanding of machine learning and communication skills to name a few.

Professionals who work as big data engineers take home, on average, ₹834,000 per year. Experienced professionals earn about ₹18 lakh.

Business Intelligence Analyst

Today, businesses are increasingly turning to Big Data to drive business strategy.

Data collected from users is analysed and key insights extracted to inform the strategy and give customers what they need. The role of a business intelligence analyst is more technical in nature as they serve as a bridge between business and IT. These professionals require more knowledge of a specific industry and industry trends. One of the best examples for how data science is informing business strategy is that of Netflix.

Not only does Netflix use recommendation systems for suggesting movies or shows to its customers, it also leverages data to decide what artworks should be displayed for movies and shows, what are the best frames from a show that editors should work on, how can they improve the Quality of Service (QoS) streaming and how they can optimise different stages of production.

With less than 1 year of experience to 8 years, the average salary of business intelligence analyst in India ranges from ₹3.5 lakh to ₹16.4 lakh with an average annual salary of ₹7 lakh. Experienced professionals earn on average ₹19 lakh per annum.

Quantitative Analyst

To identify profitable investment opportunities and manage risk, organisations such as investment banks, hedge funds and private equity firms look for quantitative analysts to make informed decisions in the complex and changing environment.

Very often, the secret to improving business processes and outcomes is already within reach of companies in the data that they possess. Once data is analysed and trends are revealed, the next step is to identify opportunities for further growth and improvement.

Quantitative analysts should possess expertise in mathematics and statistics, data mining and data analysis, extensive financial knowledge, and Programming skills. The demand for high performing business intelligence analysts will certainly continue to grow.

With the challenging nature of work, they are generally very well compensated, especially in hedge fund firms.

Upskilling is the need of the hour

Despite an increase in the number of junior-level candidates, high-paying data science skills are still in shortage. Job roles in data science are in high demand, but cannot be filled by undergraduates with no experience. Bootcamps are a great way for enterprises to harness the power of data to unlock business value.

It's an effective way for businesses to invest in forward-thinking data talent, craft smart business strategies, and drive informed decision-making.


(The author is the founder and CEO, KnowledgeHut, a global edtech firm)

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