The struggle is real

The struggle is real

The struggle is real


The character that Saveree Sri Gaur is playing in the movie ‘Bhor’ will be an inspiring character for all the girls of India who have struggled in their lives

Actress Saveree Sri Gaur who plays the main protagonist of Budhani, one of the most applauded film 'Bhor' that has also received many awards for the same shares about the challenges she had and how her life changed after 'Bhor'. The movie was directed by Kamakhya Narayan Singh and recently made a debut in MX Player which is being extremely well received by the audience.

On sharing about receiving such an overwhelming response she shares, "I am happy and proud that 'Bhor' is receiving extreme overwhelming response from audience. People are telling me that I have beautifully portrayed Budhani's character on screen and had given justice to the story. I am super excited for 'Bhor' and touched that the audience has liked it a lot. My film received same response in IFFI, Goa and in other festivals around the world. Now on MX player we are receiving same response. It is trending on top on MX player. Director Kamakhya Narayan Singh's 'Bhor' is my debut film and audience response is amazing. Time is changing audiences are aware and intelligent towards the current issues. For an actor the best gift is audiences love for their work and the success of their film."

'Bhor' is a powerful, impactful and realistic film, which depicts the story of a girl 'Budhani' who belongs to the musaahar community from Bihar who is poor, backward, eat rats, rear pigs and works in the fields. She is fond of studying and is different from the other girls of her community as she is strong and mature from a very young age. The movie portraits her struggle and strong will.

Talking about her role of 'Budhani' she adds, "She stood up for basic right i.e., right to education, dignity and sanitation. 'Budhani' is an ambitious girl but because of the family's pressure she got married before the legal age. She wished to continue her education even after the marriage and her husband 'Sugan' gives her a relief and hope and promises to let her study ahead. This shows the most important traits of her characters that are keen to achieve something in life as education can bring a positive change and growth. After her marriage she faced the hurdle of having no toilet in her new home and she find it very embarrassing to go out in the dawn. This leads to her fight for sanitation. Different parallels and struggles for right to sanitation have been showcased in the entire film. Her efforts create a national movement and inspired the whole country. My role is a inspiring character for all the struggling girls of India. It gives voice, power and inner strength to them. "

On talking about the challenges and process for the character she shares that she was grown through a lot in an innovative process. Though it was quite hard for her but according to the actress it was a best learnable experience. The process included 2 months of hardcore and knowledgeable workshop in the villages of Nawada and Nalanda district of Bihar. It involved both physical and mental transformation that helped them to build character in such a realistic way.

"I Lived in village, learn local language, accent and tones. I have no makeup in film. Director asked me to stay in open sun for almost every day before and during shooting. He wanted me tanned our bodies. I used to walk in sun heat for hours on the sand of Dry River. Before the shoot day I was almost looked like a mushar village girl. I have learnt a lot from this film and its process. Learnt to work under pressure and to stay calm in tough situations during the shoot as there was a lot of hurdles during the shoot for example bad weather, excessive wind (tuffan), etc. Bhor has changed my life and has given it a new direction," shares Saveree.

Saveree Sri Gaur daughter of renowned theatre director Arvind Gaur is doing theatre since childhood as an actress and now teaching faculty with Asmita Theatre Group under Arvind Gaur.

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