Pick the perfect lehenga

Pick the perfect lehenga

Pick the perfect lehenga


Choose lehenga according to your height and weight in marriage, take special care of these things

It goes without saying, that weddings play to be one of the most important times for a bride to be. As a bride to be, you too would have a picture of you in your mind on how you wish to look on your wedding day.

With all the hassle going on, it becomes vital to choose a lehenga considering all the various factors, from embroidery to styles that also fits well with the trends and the classic silhouettes. Aaliya Deeba, founder of Ideebs London, a Couture Label shares some tips to choose the right lehenga

Try it on

One of the common mistakes brides make is to not try on the lehenga before purchase. Trying on the lehenga is important as you understand whether the lehenga type and colour suits your height and weight.

Lehenga style as per height

Short height

If you characterise yourself as short height opt for a lehenga that has an A-line with medium flare. Few of the things you need to take care are of having too much or too little flare and opting for a broader border will make you look shorter. Horizontal work, fish-cut styles are a big no for brides with short height.

Tall height

If you are of a tall height and wish to cut down on your height a little or you are slender, opt for a lehenga that has a horizontal work on the bottom will make you look petite as well as cut down your height. Opting for edges having scallops will make you look even prettier and enhance the lehenga greatly. If you are tall and broad, avoid wearing broad boarder as it will make you look bulky.

Medium height

For a bride with this height opting for a broader border is not a great option however if you really want to, go for borders that are broad and have vertical works on it so that it balances perfectly. Brides with medium height are fortunate as they can look elegant in any lehenga style they wish. However, people on a petite or broad side should choose the lehenga cautiously.

Lehenga style as per body-style

Apple shaped

Keep an eye for flowy and layered lehengas with lighter fabrics if you belong to an apple shaped body. Go for necklines that are wider and avoid emphasizing more on your upper body.

Rectangle shaped

Having an H-shaped body your athletic curves must be emphasized, one of the best fits for this type of body is the A-line lehengas. Go for a lehenga that has stiff fabric like silk and is flared heavily.

Pear shaped

If you fit into this body type look for a lehenga that has a great flow and is made of heavy pattern on the top with bright coloured blouses.

Hourglass shaped

Those who fall in this category are fortunate as any type of lehenga suits them, however, opting for an A-line lehenga style will compliment your curves. Make sure to flaunt your waist and emphasize the curves on your body.

Lastly, following the basics becomes vital while looking for a bridal lehenga, make sure you consider all the aspects so you can find the right one for you in no time.

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