Nourish the woman within – the key to 'Excel'

Nourish the woman within – the key to ‘Excel’

Nourish the woman within – the key to ‘Excel’


In the run up to International Women’s Day (8th March 2021) I am going to share with you lovely women some of my tips that will give you the power to Excel in life

In the run up to International Women's Day (8th March 2021) I am going to share with you lovely women some of my tips that will give you the power to Excel in life.

Boost immunity

From fruits, vegetables, whole-grains and millets, daals pulses and lentils, spices and good quality fats keep your plate filled with real, whole, sustainable, organic, local and seasonal foods. This is my pro tip to see high energy levels, better mood and good immunity. Be sharp enough to avoid white flour, white sugar, fried food, aerated drinks, soft drinks and alcohol.


As the pandemic taught us to be self-reliant and cook fresh daily, I tell the smart woman that she and her family from the smallest and oldest member should know how to cook simple Indian foods.


For an instant pick-me-up I say reach out to water. This valuable liquid carries your nutrients through your body. It aids in digestion, assimilation and excretion of food. It should be a sensible woman's best friend, if she also wants glowing skin and healthy hair.

Move your body

I say move the body or lose the body– be it household chores or getting up and talking a walk every hour while working. Be wise and add in exercise may it be a walk daily to see more vitality and zeal in your body.

Mental health

I advocate the witty woman to know how to use good food as a tool for boosting moods and turning the emotional turmoil upside down. Do not cut out any food group especially carbohydrates and see how your mind and body sings with joy improving your productivity.


I say add in Tulsi to your food may it be in soups, salads or herbal infusions as it's a miracle natural de-stressing herb. Take time to deep breath and meditate to curb those stress hormones, keep them at bay and see a brighter you!

Circadian rhythm

Your body's natural sleep and wake up cycle which supports optimal metabolic functions in the body. I say to the smart woman cut out sugar completely and caffeine post 4 pm. Sleep minimum 2 hours before midnight. Eat easy to digest foods in your last meal which is minimum 2 hours prior to sleep, and see how your overall performance peaks.


I always tell the clever woman to take time to relax and rejuvenate. Give yourself this love and time to unwind and watch yourself bloom overall. A successful woman knows the importance of the above 8 fold path, gets organized and gets ready for success in all aspects of her life – get ready to Excel with my tips.

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