Jahnavi Dangeti: India's brave woman to reach heights

Jahnavi Dangeti

Jahnavi Dangeti


Jahnavi Dangeti, a young student who made space as her life goal drove her to NASA and also first Indian woman astronaut to set foot on Mars

A twenty-year-old girl dreams about the moon. Imagination can float in the sky. But the desire to go into space does not come to everyone. Jahnavi Dangeti is a brave woman with such a rare determination. Many times she made the country proud.

Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams are two of the most accomplished women astronauts. Both of them are women of Indian descent and not directly Indians. That too they both are foreign citizens. For Indians, it is always a lot but there is also a small dissatisfaction with this. There is no Indian woman who has achieved such great talent yet.

We are now talking about the reign of Jahnavi Dangeti, a young student who seems to be filling that gap. Space has become her life goal. The ambition of space drove her to NASA. This budding space enthusiast aims to be the first Indian woman astronaut to set foot on Mars.

Jahnavi is a second-year engineering student. She is living here in palakollu with her grandmother. Her father and mother work in small jobs in Kuwait. They are striving hard to make their daughter's space dream come true, even if it's very far from their middle-class life.

Jahnavi now become the only Indian to undergo International Air and Space Program (IASP) at Nasa Launch Operations' Kennedy Space Centre in Alabama, US.

In an exclusive conversation with 'The Hans India', Jahnavi shares some important moments in her journey. Let's have a look into it.

What makes you so loved of space?

When I was a child, my grandmother showed me the moon above and told stories. After listening to those stories, I asked to give the moon to me. She said with a smile that you should go there yourself. The moon will not come. Those words drove to me to this dream.

What is your dream?

My dream has many faces space-related. My dream is to be one of the first Indians who will set foot on Mars. To achieve this I have to travel too long. Snce I want to become the first-ever Indian spaceship pilot.

About your achievements, in part of your journey towards the goal

I completed the entire astronaut program at Kennedy Space Centre. This program involved activities including zero gravity, multi-access training, and underwater rocket launch. I have trained in open-water scuba diving in various places, including in Visakhapatnam, Andaman and Nicobar. Now, I am a Scuba Schools International-certified open water scuba diver, This is a step towards my astronaut's journey, Describe the training in NASA

I led the mission director for 'Team Kennedy,' a group of 16 students from different countries. Under my leadership, this team successfully launched and landed a tiny rocket.

Tell us about your successful moments in your journey

I was acting as the vice-president of Space Magica, a new astronaut training platform for kids and the public. Campus ambassador for many organizations. Space Technology and Aeronautical Rocketry (STAR) also made me a brand ambassador. I am also a member of an Indian commercial aerospace firm. The International Organization of Aspiring Astronauts (IOAA). I got a position in the India Book of Records for my achievements.

Tell us about the hurdles on your way

I am very enthusiastic about my goal, But financial hardship became a barrier to my journey in all phases. At present, I was selected for pilot training of the European Space Agency. This opportunity is very precious to reach my future task. But this is all about money, which is not with me.

Have you faced any race or gender discrimination?

Yes. Going to the Kennedy Space Center for training was a great success. Of the thousands, I was the only one selected. I am the only woman from our country who has received that training so far. When we went to training there were friends for all the other co trainees except for me. No one cared me in the beginning as I am an Indian. Talent alone is what kept me human there. Upon completion of the training, all my colleagues received a warm welcome in their respective areas. I was hurt that no one cared.

Did you reach any Government or non- government agencies to sponsor you?

I have met many leaders and celebrities and requested. I approached central and state governments through letters and representations. All are appreciated and assuring words. The pilot training is very expensive. I am trying desperately to get sponsorship to get it. If it happens, I will make India proud in the space field once again.

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