Happy Mother's Day: Inability lies in ability

Happy Mother’s Day: Inability lies in ability

Happy Mother’s Day: Inability lies in ability


This Mother’s Day lets salute mothers like Bhavani, who being a single parent fights for her 13-year- old son ‘Tapash’ who is a special child

There is going to be a forever debate on 'Is technology a boon or bane'. But with such inspiring kids like Tapash, it definitely seems like technology is a boon.

Tapash was born with down syndrome. However, as he grew up his interest towards using electronic gadgets also started increasing. With this he himself learned various forms of dance. Learning an art at such a young age wouldn't be possible for him unless his biggest supporter, his mom didn't stand for him.

Hyderabad-based Bhavani Gandretu shares, "I was devastated when I got to know about Tapash. It felt like I am getting drowned inside of earth and I am still holding my son trying to bring him to the base for rescue. Times were really hard and tough to be explained. My mom sacrificed her health to support my son and me because of which we are here today.

Initially I was more concerned about his health and life sustainability because of which I was more confused of his behaviour and interests. After continuous observation and the kind of interest he is displaying, I understood every minute of him and till date, I am with him all through this life.

Along with this, I tried multiple option like speech therapy, voice recognition mechanisms and hand gestures and physiotherapy added to his schedule. There were days of sudden emergencies wherein he used to turn blue and it's a nightmare to rush on jet speed to hospitals. Sometimes , his left chest gets bulged."

On serving his interest in technology (using mobiles & TV) and started his limb movements. Bhavani immediately bought a Big screen on loan and then started encouraging his interest in dance. She also kept a choreographer to teach him dance, which was not that easy to get the best teacher who can accept him as he is.

"I pay 15ooo per month only for his dance, which included forms like Hip Hop, Western, Folk , Classical , Mass Beat. Most of the dance forms, he learned on his own by Television & Mobile.

Working in training him for Para Olympics and also trying to make a living example by getting recognised in National & International performances. So that No one underestimates These Specially Challenged Humans. I have to work for myself and my son's Bread, Shelter and Medication(Crucial). I work 20 hrs per day," adds Bhavani.

She has been working as a Program Director in OUAA in Collaboration with Society for Empowerment Skills Global and mother for many specially challenged students and was successful in supporting their careers.

There were a few couple of caring hands like Ravi Prakash Reddy from Philadelphia , Prof Rajasekhar from New York from USA and Lakshmi Tapash from India have been guarding them and showering their help to many specially challenged People like Tapash along with Physically Challenged Students. She dreams of making him a proud Indian and an example to help everyone of his kind in hooding their futures by their ability from so called Inability.

"In my Life I have learned that a small helping hand and word makes lot of difference in this differently abled life. Helping people by giving opportunity is most important rather than supporting financially. Honesty and putting the first step to help and support in need is the best peace I have been achieving and experiencing.

The simple funda that I believes in life is that money is important just for survival but honesty speaks your character rather than money. Values, emotions , supporting hand and relations are more important than money . Money will come and go but the support we receive or give will be there after us also.

I learned that money is very important but never before honesty. These people deserve a chance to prove themselves. People should accept the people as they are. The whole world feels that these kids don't know anything then what is that they are doing and how are they supporting these kids when they fell they know everything," shares the mother of this talented kid.

Bhavani further shares that every minute was a challenge and it's still a risk and challenge to do this till date.

"As a mother of a challenge kid, I faced literal ill treatment, apathy, feminine insult and abuse. Not only that people tried many unethical behaviors, laughed at my approach saying "what will you achieve with such kid". Every door I knocked, every step I climbed sent me with criticism, demoralising, and Empty hands. No opportunity nor no assurance nor at least a sympathy.

This was not only my experience however it's every parents experience who are loving their specially challenged kids and are just waiting for one opportunity to prove their kids ability.

It's not that parents are only striving for monetary benefit, they have been struggling to see a smile in their kids face and a small settlement for their kids future after their demise in case as parents," ends the Mommy.

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