Girl Tribe – Troll free space for woman

Girl Tribe – Troll free space for woman

Girl Tribe – Troll free space for woman


‘Girl Tribe’ is a ‘win-win community’ for women looking for a safe and uplifting space to connect with other women, away from the trolling and negativity of conventional social media. It brings together a diverse range of women of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences to converse, share views, and offer expertise on any topic

What started as Malini Agarwal's Facebook experiment to spread positivity, empathy, and kindness amongst 100 girlfriends in 2018, has now catapulted into an extraordinary community that is over 55k plus women strong.

2020 saw this group's population bursting at its seams, with new members that are eager to engage, learn, have fun and support each other while affecting a real, positive impact on women's lives everywhere.

Malini Agarwal said, "I invited a few of my girlfriends with the golden rule that they treat each other in the group like we do in real life, when we're face to face: with empathy, kindness and respect.

I wanted to be able to have open, honest digital conversations on any topic without the onslaught of creepy DMs, trolling or random spam comments that you get everywhere else and that immediately shuts down any chance of a meaningful interaction.

The experiment was an immediate success, and since then the community has grown to nearly 60,000 women who are looking for a better internet experience. From there it was clear what we needed to do, and our very own 'Girl Tribe' by MissMalini App was custom designed based on all our learnings and recently launched on Android and iOS."

Malini Agarwal in an interview with The Hans India shares about 'Girl Tribe'

Why did you name it as 'Girl Tribe'?

I felt that very often women communities fall into very serious, practical or sombre categories, and I wanted to reflect the fun young-at-heart vibe of the group. Our community is not just about seeking help or support (which is definitely there) but also just connecting with other women and having fun.

Every woman is a girl at heart and society tends to write us off after the age of 40 for some reason. I also wanted to capture the feeling of a strong sisterhood and community and the word "Tribe" encapsulates that beautifully.

What inspired you towards 'Girl Tribe'?

I have always spent my life online and seen with increasing dismay the toxicity and negativity women face on a daily basis.

As much as I love social media, I feel we are using it poorly. Social media gave me my career, and with it a certain amount of influence. Part of me felt responsible for giving back and using that influence for good.

I also don't believe that women's issues should be restricted to sexual harassment or menstruation. Everything is a "women's issue", be it travel, food, luxury, relationships, careers, mental health etc and it's not always about needing to empower women. Sometimes women just need a space to connect without all the noise and junk on social media. The 'Girl Tribe' is that space.

How can one share their special stories?

Simply download the 'Girl Tribe App' or visit the Facebook Group called 'Girl Tribe' by MissMalini, for partnerships and associations you can write to gauri@missmalini.com.

On which platforms can we find 'Girl Tribe'?

For the full 'Girl Tribe' experience we have our very own app, 'Girl Tribe' by MissMalini in the Android and Apple App Stores. We also have a Facebook Community, and an Instagram handle @malinisgirltribe that features a subset of all the exciting things happening in the app.

How do you inspire women on 'Girl Tribe'?

In fact, it is the women in the Tribe that inspire me. They connect in such a beautiful way and bring so much joy and inspiration to one another which is truly amazing. We simply facilitate those conversations and give women the opportunity to showcase their talents, businesses and encourage open-minded discussions.

Does 'Girl Tribe' also provide any employment opportunities as well?

We connect and showcase women entrepreneurs to help build their businesses and connect them with their perfect audiences. We have also hired many of our team members from within the Tribe itself.

In some cases, we have seen Tribers hiring from within the community, or helping place members through their networks. We've also seen members becoming customers of other members, and in that way we're proud to support women entrepreneurs and livelihoods.

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