From RJ to Artist

Pragya Mishra

Pragya Mishra


Pragya, a city-based artist, explores various forms of art works including calligraphy through her instagram page

Pragya Mishra has been drawing and painting since childhood but never thought of doing it professionally.

She chooses to be a Radio Jockey worked with different Radio Stations for around 2.5 years. However, later she decided not to work under someone and get self employed and that was when she switched the profession of artists.

Pragya shares, "I started my page in mid 2019 and it is all about art, you can find different forms of artworks on my page as I love to explore with different mediums.

On my page, you can find calligraphy, acrylics, oil paintings, watercolor and inks and as I love different forms of art and mediums a lot that's the reason I named it as palette_pragya. Now I do conduct art workshops as well as I sell my paintings. I like both of my professions but I love working independently that's why I'm a full time artist now."

Initially she didn't thought of a separate account for her art and felt like her existing account would be enough but it was not for sure because Radio jockey and artist are totally different professions.

She adds, "I made this account and it really helped me to promote my workshops and artworks and I think I got more exposure because of my account only. For an artist its art account is like it's profile so that people can have an idea of their work. So I feel like it's really important these days. Things are a little easy with social media."

Pragya shares that when she was a Radio jockey, she used to explore whenever she could and art was something really close to her.

She adds, "I once attended one art workshop and I really loved it and that when I thought why I can't do this as it could have been a good way of spreading my knowledge of art but seriously it was not that easy."

In her first workshop nobody turned up and that was really heartbreaking her and that's when she realised that thinking an idea is easy but applying it can be really difficult for a budding artists who's not having any contacts also.

She then collaborated with different venues which were already famous and they helped her getting people in her workshop, and she slowly started doing it independently.

Pragya says that there are always challenges when you are self employed you can never be ignorant as you never know what's going to happen next. Sometimes you may get so many people in your workshop or sometimes not even a single one.

So, keep going is the only mantra which she has been following and also helped her to grow..

"I do take very rare orders in which I feel like I'm interested because as an artist you are very specific about what you love to do so you can do anything or everything according to people as you love to be independent with your thoughts and how to convey it. So I don't take a lot many orders but if in case I feel like I'll enjoy it then I don't even charge a lot for it and if someone pleases a lot then I have to do it going out of my way and then of course I charge more.

Pandemic did impact me somewhat as I was not sure when I'll be able to teach living again. But I kept on doing online workshops so that helped me to not to think a lot but still we all know offline workshop is more satisfying I think in any field it's same.

I don't have very big plans but still I would love to have my own art studio where I can conduct more and more workshops and I can encourage more people to try out art as it gives you peace which is very costly these days," ends the self-learned artist.

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