Female-centric stance accepted by audience: Malobika Banerjee (M.J)

Female-centric stance accepted by audience: Malobika Banerjee (M.J)

Female-centric stance accepted by audience: Malobika Banerjee (M.J)


Actress, Singer and writer Malobika Banerjee (M.J) tells about why she is being female-centric with her music videos

Actress, Singer and writer Malobika Banerjee (M.J) who was previously seen in music videos such as 'Nee Venakale Nadichi' with Vijay Deverakonda, 'Dilbar sung by Shahid Mallya, Kanika Kapoor's music video 'Pretty Girl', 'Kill Karda' with Ganesh Acharya, 'Naino Ki Barish' to name a few and is best known for her work in Bengali films such as 'Kokhono Biday Bolo Na', 'Sada Canvas', 'Kathmundu and Professional', 'Mister Bhaduri', 'Chorabali', 'Tope' among others.

Now, her upcoming new music album 'Jee Lene Do' which features her is a rap song written and sung by herself and is set to release on 27th September.

Talking about her rap song Malobika shares, "My song 'Jee lene do' is basically a RAP song written by me. I never thought to do rap song but I wrote and intend to tried my best to give my audiences something fresh. Now a days, mostly with so many romantic numbers releasing my song is a fresh breathe of air where I did something unique for my audience. In India, there are very few female rappers so I don't mind to take challenge as a Rapper. This is a song based on a heart break story. This video tells a pop star's real life story to the audience. I'm very sure people will love the video as much as the song."

Talking about there being very less female centric music videos or female pop singers in Bollywood with emphasis more on romantic music videos she states, "Well, no offense to do a music video with a hero. If there is a requirement then obviously cast a hero but when a singer or actor wants to tell her story then why we put a male actor just for the sake of it. Audience accepted female centric film, so they must accept a female centric music video too."

She further talks about how western female pop singers are renowned and accepted worldwide which needs to change in Bollywood as well. She says,"We need to grow up now. We already loved and liked hollywood female pop singers starting from Shakira to Cardy B, JLO to Dua lipa and now we are fan of Black pink (K-pop). Audience and listeners are changing day by day. They want something new so we should try to give something better than yesterday. Hence, I tried to give audience something new in my new song Jee Lene Do."

Talking about her upcoming projects and future aspirations she tells,"I'm in talks with few production houses, can't say anything. My debut will happen any time soon. Fingers crossed! OTT is the content king now. I love to see myself to play a character like "Queen of South " on Netflix.I just love the character of Teresa Mendoza."

Lastly, adding about which actress she looks up to and her inspiration she shares,"I admire many actors like Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone, Scarlett Jonson and Gal Gadot. I would love to play Lucy played by Scarlett Jonson. My inspiration is Jeniffer Lopez . When I shot this song, I took inspiration from her only."

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