Fashionista to Health entrepreneur

Fashionista to Health entrepreneur

Fashionista to Health entrepreneur


Vedic Vitals is a modern age Ayurvedic company that follows the ideology of ‘Prevention is better than cure’

Prarna Arora was always interested in lifestyle and fashion and started a successful venture of custom-tailored dresses from the year 2001 to 2012. Due to her health problems, she had to give up with the existing venture and took a break to find what actually was her true purpose.

Vedic Vitals is a modern age Ayurvedic Company that follows the ideology of 'Prevention is better than cure'. The remedies by Vedic vitals are made from natural herbs which are safe to consume and do not leave any side effect on the human body.

Sharing about what inspired her to start Vedic vitals, Prarna shares, "I have seen many ups and downs in my life including the demise of my husband at the age of 46. This turned me towards the direction of providing basic healthcare to the nation and what pushed me even more and that was when I started facing health issues myself due to the real problems of India, Lack of sanitation and basic health. Today, consumption of tobacco, liquor, fast food and exposure to pollution is a common part of our daily life. This unhealthy lifestyle has further impacted our bodies and become the root cause of many health problems. I wished to do something which could prevent and help cure diseases and working in this direction I thought of a variety of products which could help prevent such lifestyle diseases."

For Prarna, Vedic Vitals was not a one-day game, a lot of hard work, sleepless nights and research of highly qualified doctors was required in the initial days. After working for almost 8 months, they launched Vedic Vitals in the COVID-19 era, which itself was a big challenge for an early day start-up.

The main concern was the movement of supply chain. India was in lockdown and deliveries of the products were also impacted to a great extent. But with time, things are getting normal and we are also constantly working on challenges and solving them.

She adds, "COVID-19 turned out to be a lesson for the whole world, and we are part of it. We began this venture during COVID therefore, we had an idea of the obstacles we might face and were as prepared for them as could be. Though, COVID did not only have a negative impact. The one good thing happened at this time was that people started thinking of their health. This also opened a window for Vedic Vitals to make a place in the healthcare industry."

According to her, Vedic Vitals is different from its competitors in more than one way. While most of their competitors focus on pre-existing conditions that their remedies cure, they believe in preventing these conditions from even coming into existence in the human body.

Our remedies not only prevent diseases from happening but also cleanse from within, ensuring release of all toxins. Tar Free is a scientific ayurvedic formulation backed with high quality herbs to detox your lungs from the tar accumulated by consumption of tobacco & pollution. It removes harmful toxins from lungs responsible for lung cancer, removes congestion in lungs & helps to breathe freely and improves stamina and allows you to perform physical work without breathlessness."

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