Face art: Transforming into celebrities and wow!

Dikshita Jindal

Dikshita Jindal 


Dikshita Jindal has just graduated as a Computer Science engineer in 2020. Besides that, she is a self-taught makeup artist based in Delhi and have been practising makeup since 2017. she has transformed herself into almost 20 celebrities as of now

Ever imagined of transforming yourself into your favourite celebrities? No right. But meet Dikshita Jindal who has been creating wonders by using her make-up skills and transforming herself into various well-known personalities.

Dikshita has been very enthusiastic about makeup and beauty since she was in her 11th or 12th class. However, ended up doing engineering.

Though Dikshita was doing her engineering, it did not stop her to pursue her passion. Dikshita being a self-taught makeup, she learned makeup by herself by watching YouTube videos and reading blogs online especially of Huda Kattan. She is very much inspired by her and see her as her role model.

Sharing about her journey as a make-up artist and an influencer, Dikshita shares, "I started my real journey as a makeup artist in 2018 when I won some competition on Tiktok and got enough money to buy good makeup products by myself. At that time my parents weren't supporting me and I didn't want them to invest any money in makeup for me. After that, I created a lot of content and got a lot of collaborations with various companies. I even started my face art series."

In August, Dikshita uploaded a video of Kokila Parag Patel also known as Kokila Ben (Rupal Patel) video that got viral and thought of doing it in some unique way. Little did she know that video will blow up and reach millions on Instagram and crores on YouTube.

"Someone uploaded my Kokila video on YouTube and currently, it has almost 3 crore views. I have transformed myself into around 20 celebrities till now and I get so surprised by seeing people's responses to every transformation. I always wanted to try it for a long time, I even bought some wigs for that but I tried my first transformation when the Kokila trend was going viral and transformed myself into Kokila Ben as I wanted to make Kokila video in some unique way. It just blew up and went way too viral. Since then, I have done many transformations and I will keep doing it," says the influencer.

Dikshita shares that when she posted the Kokila Ben video, she had no idea that people will love it so much and that video will reach millions in a week.

She adds, "I feel so grateful and blessed that thousands of people wait for me to post new content. That keeps me motivated. I receive so much love for every transformation. Although there are a few critics and hate comments too, I keep calm, improvise where I can and focus more on positivity. Many people even try to copy me, but I think being unique is important."

Sharing about how she got the idea that she would start doing this transformation and post them on your social media, she says that she had the idea from very long time when she saw someone do cosplay videos on Tiktok and wanted to try transformations because her face shape is unique.

She says, "When Yashraj Mukhate's Kokila Ben video went viral, I wanted to recreate it in some unique way, that's when it hit my mind that I should start with transformation videos. If that idea wouldn't have struck my mind then, I wouldn't have gotten that fame. I was nervous when I posted my first transformation because I didn't know how people will respond to it."

Later, her works have been appreciated and shared by various celebrities and brands including Arshi khan, Mostlysane (prajakta kohli) , MyGlamm and many others. Sharing about the initial challenges that she faced during the start of her journey as a beauty influencer, she shares that when one starts as a beauty influencer, there are a lot of things you need to keep in mind.

She adds, "I had to do a lot of research before uploading anything. The biggest problem is collaborations, most brands want to work with you on a barter basis even if you have great content and audience, which doesn't pay our bills and demotivates us. On the contrary, I had to be consistent with the content and pandemic gave me that time. Uniqueness is what people prefer and I have to brainstorm a lot to provide that unique, engaging and entertaining content. Instagram algorithm is one of the biggest problems too, some days reach is too high and some days it's way too low but I never gave up and kept creating content with consistency."

Pandemic impacted Dikshita in a rather positive way. It gave her time to explore her creative side even further. During the pandemic, she created two series of face arts where she designed the face arts and painted them on her face using face paints obviously. One was based on seasons and the other on planets. She got a really good response on both the series and people appreciated both of them a lot. After that her transformations into celebrities have been loved by a lot of people. She is currently working on taking her transformations to the next level and on beauty make up as well.

"She has also launched my online makeup courses recently. Besides that, I have worked in song videos as a makeup artist and a co-actor. However, in future, I want to work as a celebrity and a bridal makeup artist. I even want to work with magazines like Vogue. Currently i am being managed by Big Bull Entertainment who support, guide, and motivate me to produce my level best content," concludes the beauty influencer.

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