Entire life changes after becoming a mother

Entire life changes after becoming a mother

My advice to all the remarkable women out there is to be yourself and pay no heed to societal expectations, says Sonam Kapoor

From the first stage of being pregnant until the delivery of a newborn, a woman’s life turns upside down. And the struggle does not finish there, there will be pregnancy postpartum difficulties and other issues. It’s not easy being a woman with all of the changes that occur in one’s health and mind. But the good news is that, as science and people’s minds evolve, there are various ways to alleviate the anguish of experiencing something unexpected.

The Moms Co. India’s leading toxin-free and natural personal care D2C brand, launches “For Every Mom, Through Every Change”, a new campaign that acknowledges and understands the changing body needs of a mother and celebrates the superheroes they are by supporting them with Toxin-free products made especially for moms and babies. The new digital campaign will be brought alive by the brand ambassador, Sonam A. Kapoor for the mother & baby care range.

For Every Mom, Through Every Change highlights how motherhood comes not only with selfless love and the willingness to do the best for their little ones but also with lasting body changes that deserve special care. It also shows how mothers are multifaceted, embodying both strength and tenderness in equal measure and constantly evolving and adapting to the ever-changing world around them.

Sonam A. Kapoor, actress and brand ambassador, talks about parenthood.

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How do you occupy your eight-month-old baby Vayu?

We do many things together to occupy Vayu, to keep him engaged and stimulated. Playing peek-a-boo, singing nursery rhymes, and reading books are a few things we do to develop his cognitive and language skills. Sensory play is also an excellent way to help your baby learn about their environment and develop their sensory skills. It is important to pay attention to your baby’s likes and dislikes and spend quality time with them. It is amazing to watch them grow and learn!

What are your thoughts on this whirlwind situation that a mother’s body, skin, and mental health go through, and what advice would you like to offer to mothers who are going through a similar experience?

My journey to motherhood has been tough, particularly the first three months. They were difficult in ways I wasn’t expecting. My body was changing every day, in addition to nausea and exhaustion. It also affected my sleep routine. Despite all these changes, I’ve never loved, embraced, or cared for my body and wellness more than now. My advice to all the remarkable women out there is to be yourself and pay no heed to societal expectations. Enjoy every step of your journey.

I changed my skincare regime as well, I’m being very careful about what I apply. Three products are essential for me in the morning: vitamin C serum, tinted sunblock, and lip tint. I usually prefer The Moms Co. Natural Vitamin C range as it makes my skin hydrated, brighter, and clearer. To remove makeup and sunblock at night, I use a makeup remover, cleansing balm, and cleansing lotion. In the end, I apply The Moms Co. Vita Rich Under Eye Cream to hydrate the delicate eye area and a heavy moisturiser for the face and neck, and lip balm.

I’ve been using the brand’s products for a while now. I suffer from eczema and their Natural Sensitive Skin Lotion has worked wonderfully for me. So, a collaboration with the brand was only an organic transition. With their new vision For Every Mom, Through Every Change, they are being mindful of the different phases in a mother’s journey from carrying a child to taking care of them while they are growing and what both of our requirements are through the changes.

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